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Saturday, 28 July 2007

Lewis's Party + DK returns

Well, as WJUK has already said it's Lewis party tonight so tomorrow we will have a full story on it tomorrow, it will be filled with drunk people, hopefully no one will be sick aswell but anyways on with the story.

WJUK left it when DK had returned and we had yet again another fight on our hands.

WJUK was already slicing away at DK but he was regenerating when I got to the street.

'Any ideas this time?' I asked WJUK while dismounting the horse.

'Nope, just play it out and hope for something to go in our favour.' WJUK said, this was the first time he was completely out of ideas in a long time.

I took and a deep breath and then broke out into a sprint towards DK who was laughing 'You can't defeat me!'

WJUK was also in a middle of sprinting toward DK, none of us had no idea what to do, this attack seemed hopeless. We needed help and quick.

Both of attacks seemed hopeless as we retreated to re-group and maybe have a small idea come to us

'This is hopeless' I said to WJUK who was breathing heavy just like I was.

'I know but these people have faith in us, we have to do something!' WJUK replied, he was angry as was I

Then the small pool of darkness appeared near us, just like the one we used to get here

'Gimely? Is that you?' WJUK said

'Who else would it be? Leaving me behind when you went out adventuring' Gimely yelled back

'Hey! This is no time to be arguing with us Gimely, Look behind you!' I yelled back

Gimely turned around 'OMFG! I wished I had stayed home now'

'How did you track us down anyways?' WJUK asked

'I put a tracker in Lewis's head before I left, I knew you guys would leave without me!' Gimely said he was being serious but with alittle humour intended 'Oh! and i have something to tell you....'

What does Gimely want to tell us, find out tomorrow, I left if open cos WJUK is excited about this next part, its the first time we discussed what we are doing for a long time =P

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