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Sunday, 15 July 2007

Magic Time

So, WJUK ended the last story entry with the old wizard transforming us into gaints so we could fight against the crocodile which was now normal size to us, but had amazing amount of armoured skin and our swords wouldn't cut it's surface, it is like metal.

We had to use magic if we stood any chance of killing it.

'WJUK send a fireball at him' I said not wanting to attempt it first again

WJUK let out a loud 'FIRE!' while jumping up onto his toes, this time unlike the small fist size fireball which happened last time, a huge fireball came blasting out and hit the crodile square on the nose, when the fireball hit the crocodile it's skin burnt.

'Great now you should be able to damage it with your swords' yelled the old man

I drew my sword, ran straight towards the crocodile, and slice it straight through it's mouth straight down to it's tail cutting it clean in half.

'We showed that bitch' Lewis yelled punching the air.

'What did you even do' WJUK yelled at him, while I laughed

'SHRINKO' yelled the old man doing a reverse MJ spin, we returned to normal size

'We got to learn how to do that' I said to WJUK

'Not now you don't, you have to set off for the Demon king' the old man mentioned

Next time, the trip to the Demon king

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