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Sunday, 8 July 2007

An epic plan

Dragging Lewis along behind me and keeping one eye on WJUK was harder than i thought it would be.
This beasty lizards thing was huge, a simple launching move to land on it's head isn't going to work this time.

During in the two weeks we had lying around we actually trained Lewis basic combat with a katana but he was still too much of a coward to stand still, luckily after destroying Kate, WJUK was as confidence as ever and was trying to learn the art of Santōryū ( the art of fighting of three swords, the third is place in the mouth), while those two were doing this, I was perfecting my duel-wielding.

We were now face-to-face with the beast, Lewis was shaking, WJUK had a fierce look on his face and was probably thinking of a plan to beat this thing which probably involve me being a distraction while he pulls off some deadly stunt.

"Let's do this" WJUK mumbled

"You got a plan" I calmly replied

"Yep" WJUK mumbled back while breaking into a run "Just wing it"

I followed him and well Lewis, he was frozen on the spot. Great, two of us against a huge big ass beast.

I followed in WJUK footsteps waiting for him or the beast to make the first move. It was the beast that went on an attack, swinging it's claw straight at WJUK who dodged it easyily and laughed while doing it.
The Beast was slow as both of us expected but it had a accurate attack. How could we stop this thing

"WJUK we need a plan" I yelled over to him "Winging it can only get us so far"

WJUK spat out his 3rd katana.

"Blind him"

Great, I have to come up with a way to blind him, think Gavin think! I had an idea

"Lewis give me your Katana"

I put away my two katana and carried Lewis's in my right hand. I made run to the beast's tail, jumping to it's eye's was to hard as he was to big. I ran up his tail and along his back, which was covered in scales.

Finally his eye's where in sight, time to put my plan into action.

I stabbed straight between his eyes, his claw came swooping in.

Yes! the idoitic beast was going to hit himself, my plan has worked but will it mess up his eyesight.

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