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Saturday, 7 July 2007

Healthy again! ~ Shrek 3

Yea!  I am healthy again, thanks for asking.  Which was none of you by the way.  It makes me feel so wanted...

Also, I finally got round to watching Shrek 3.  Oh, wait.  I mean Shrek the Third.  See what the movie people did there?

After much begging and nagging my (younger) sisters forced us to go to the cinema to watch it.  They put out a load of crackpot theorems that really didn't make any sense.  Like:

  • The cinema has a better atmosphere.  Yea, people talking about you and generally throwing popcorn.  Was my response.

It was not until we decided to go to KFC afterwards that I went.  More on that later.

Shrek 3 the Third was not bad actually.  Better than it's prequel anyway, I think.  What's more, it actually made some sense to me.  And there were some generally hilarious bits in it.  Like Puss in Boots swapping bodies with donkey.

But because we went to the cinema it got me psyched about other films.  Most notably:

  • The Simpsons Movie
  • Harry Potter: Order of the Phoenix
  • Transformers: The Movie

Now, they are all blockbusters I know.  But I generally wasn't that interested in them.  Simpsons episodes have grown quite stale for me.  I read the books of HP and they are generally better than the films.  And Transformers... well, I was going to see if I could watch that online.

I wanna watch the Simpsons Movie now for one reason:


LMAO.  I was ROFL in the cinemas, and so were many others.  The animation was good as well.  If the whole movie is of this caliber than it will be one of the best films of the year.

Then came KFC.  I'm not going to talk much about this bit.  The food was good and everything was fine.  As luck would have it, going to the cinema gave us vouchers for KFC.  The vouchers were basically the back of the tickets.

All was well.  Until...  we started to leave.  One staff working there said as we were walking out: 'Hey, where you going?  Tidy your table!'

I was like: 'WTF?!  Lady, ain't that your job?'  But her over-powering KFC badge made me reconsider.  I wouldn't want to be banned from all KFCs around the globe now, would I?

The situation really poses a question to me.  Does this happen elsewhere in the world?  Seriously though.  I wouldn't mind being a cleaner at McDonalds/KFC if all I do is shout: 'HEY YOU!  CLEAN YOUR F*&@ING-ASS TABLE NOW!'

And I'd think people would generally tidy the tables.  To avoid a row.  Now, that could spawn a whole new line of work.  I can see it now in the newspapers: 'JOB WANTED FOR: TABLE TIDIER SHOUTER PERSON'  I would fit the bill exactly.

Ok, enough of my random ranting and stuff.  The thing you've all been begging for:

A new story arc.

Yea... about that.  I thought Gavin would have started one off.  Lazy b*&%#@.  Well, I actually haven't thought of anything either.  So, I can't complain.  I'm going to try and start something off spontaneously.  Off the top of my head.

2 weeks have passed since the trolf incident and all is well in Grimsby where Gavin & WJUK lay dormant...

'I'm bored...'  I exasperate.

'Me too.'  agrees Gavin.

'How about we play tiddlywinks?'  Lewis suggests.

'FOR THE LAST TIME LEWIS.  NO!'  Me and Gavin had been getting that question all day.  It seems Lewis has fallen in love with tiddlywinks.  Being so far from civilization for so long must have fried his brain.  Poor Lewis.  That girl did ruin his life...

BRRING BRRING  (By the way, if you have no idea what this is: it's my lame-ass attempt to recreate a phone ringing sound.  Dumbass.)

I walk over to pick up the phone.

'Who is it?  Gimely.  Oh hey!  How's Antarctica?'  Last week Gimely had returned to Antarctica.  "Family Emergency"  he said.  But I didn't care less.

I put the phone back down.

'How's Gimely?'  Asks Gavin.

'Oh, he's good.  He's just bored over there.  He explicitly said: "Don't you dare go on an adventure without me."  And he's coming back in a week or so.'

'So... how about we find an adventure?'  ~ Gavin

'Er... how?'  I said.  Lewis still playing with his tiddlywinks.

'You know.  We could do it Pokemon style.'

'What?  Walk around aimlessly and hope to find an adventure that isn't filler.'

'Yea.  Pretty much.'

'Dude that is the most... BRILLIANT IDEA EVER!'

We got our stuff packed.  And set off in search of adventure.

<An unknown amount of time passes>

'I'm hungry... I don't think I can go on anymore.  Quick, leave without me...'  I gasp.  Crawling on the floor.

'What are you talking about?  We've barely just set foot out the door.'  Gavin says while making a smacking forehead gesture.

'Oh...  My bad.  Time always eludes me.'  I got up.

'Hey Gavin, WJUK.  Take a look at this.'  It was Lewis.  He was about ten feet away.  Poking his head out of the bush.  After he finished talking his head disappeared into the mangle of leaves.

'This better not be tiddlywinks-related.'  Gavin sighs.

'I think he's found something interesting...'  I say while we both start walking towards where we saw Lewis' head.

We venture in.  The bushes branches feel rough and textured on my skin.  I see nothing but bush.  Until we reach 2 feet in.  A small clearing.  Lewis was standing there gleaming like a little child who had been praised by there parent for the first time.  And, more importantly, to the left of him was another one of those portals.

You know, the portals the trolfs used etc.

I think our adventure begins now...


What lies behind the portal?  Find out next time...

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