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Tuesday, 10 July 2007

We feast!

After we had slain the beast loads, and I mean loads of Japanese people crowded us, celebrating the death of the beast

"I think we are Heroes" Lewis yelled

"You didn't do anything" WJUK quickly yelled back

All of sudden the crowd of people seemed to spilt into rows and started to bow. Approaching us was a carriage lifted by four people

"You think this is the emperor" I asked WJUK and Lewis

"It would explain all the bowing" WJUK proclaimed

"You Three the emperor wishes to talk to you" one of the men carrying the carriage said

We walked towards the carriage and step in.

Sat alone in there was the emperor

"He looks about Twelve" Lewis said who was shocked. WJUK just slapped him and to him to sit down and shut up

"I have a question for you" The emperor said calmly "We need your help a great evil is sending those beasts to attack our city, we need your help to stop it, but before you answer WE FEAST"

What will be the answer find out later.

Oh and Transformers Movie looks amazing, i still haven't seen it but plan to.
And heres a video for you guys by SMOSH

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