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Sunday, 22 July 2007

WJUK predictions

Okay, first off the reason I didn't post is because I was readin the new harry potter book and WJUK your predictions, are all wrong.

Read it and find out what really happens.

Storytime again, and I'm starting to run out of ideas

We were all woke up pretty early by some drunk people still in the bar who look like they had been drinking all night.

We walked into the bar and sat in a the corner and the barmaid was over extremely quick and asked 'You want anything to eat?'

'No, I don't' I replied, 'WJUK, he will eat all your food'

WJUK laughed after I said that and just asked for a plate of chips

'You're going to eat chips at 7 in the morning!' Lewis said, who seemed rather shocked at this idea

WJUK simplely replied 'Why not eat chips at 7 in the morning'

The barmaid returned with the plate of chips in less then 10 minutes and walked off and WJUK didn't look too impressed, I knew what was wrong

'WHERE IS THE KETCHUP!' WJUK yelled at the top of his voice this made the drunks recognise that we where sat in the corner

' 're yo' 'elling at us' One of them said while stumbling his way over to us with a knife in his hand 'Nobody 'peaks to us 'ike 'hat' and he went to stab WJUK but was too slow as WJUK quickly drew his sword and had it's point on the mans neck while I was stopping the other drunks from attacking.

'I just wanted the ketchup' WJUK said slowly walking around the drunk with the sword still pointed at the neck and collected the ketchup from the maid who was shaking behind the bar 'See' WJUK waved the Kecthup in front of the drunks face, 'The ketchup' and sat down and carried on eating his chips.

The bar was silent for about 2 minutes until a small boy wearing raggy clothes looked over to us and wonder over, 'Lady what was you doing in the forest last night?' Jill went bright red and didn't know what to say, 'You were talking to an old man with the cape of the Demon King on'

WJUK and I looked at Jill and then each other...

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