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Thursday, 5 July 2007

1-800-Magic (4) Final

Here it is.  1-800-Magic episode 4.  The final episode of this mini-series according to RVB.

Which is a real shame because it was awesome.

I'm just wondering what they are working on now.  Maybe... Halo 3 BETA series?  Red vs Blue in Halo 3?  Who knows?  We'll find out... 

A fitting end to an awesome series.

Oh and more news on my new DS lite.  Which is black and totally awesome btw.  I managed to be bothered to take a few pictures with my webcam.

Then animate them.  Yes, you heard right.  A GIF is coming your way.

Not a terribly good one but who cares.

Sweet, right?  Lmao.  Only just noticed you can see my reflection in the screen.  That's how shiny it is.

Only problem I have right now are: I need to get more games for it.  Currently, I only have 3. 

  • Brothers In Arms: DS.  Which is surprisingly good, albeit a bit hard at times.  My dude can take a helluva lot of punishment.
  • Mario Kart DS.  One word.  Awesome.  Except... my sister took it for her DS Lite.  She took my game card.  The nerve.
  • Brain Training.  I'm not even going to attempt to write the doctor's name.

So, if anyone has any DS games they don't play anymore.  Just send me an email and you can give me it. 

Smile  That also includes games from different parts of the world.  I'm not picky.  I can deal with other languages.

Story time again.  Cliche time.

Any similarities to people in real life are purely coincidental.  Likewise for any cliches.

As we rejoiced the death of Kate and Ashley.  Woah woah woah.  Wait a moment.  Swear I have heard that somewhere.  Kate and Ashley...  Olsen twins...

'Oh, how the mighty have fallen.'  I said.

We started to walk back into the forest.  Gimely was discussing with Lewis what they were going to have for dinner later tonight.  And I was talking to Gavin.

'So, how the hell did you end up behind me?'  I asked him.

'Well, long story.  But in short form:  I got out of their base easily.  Tried walking back home, found your trail.  Found you.'  Gavin summarised.

'Well, I'm glad that's over.  We've had a hectic day-'  I was cut off.

'ARGH!!!!!'  The sound was from behind us.

We spun around as quick as lightning.  Drew our guns at the same time.

We saw... we saw.  That's Kate.

A hideous monster rose up.  Made of sand.  It's very features fugly beyond compare.  It looked around.  It's hungry.  The head continued to rise.  Higher and higher.  Showing a body, with arms & legs.  It's giant left arm reached out and grabbed Ashley's dead corpse.  And immediately stuffed it down it's throat.  Stupid Power Rangers cliche.  We killed the boss already.  It just had to turn ultra-mega big.

It spun it's head around to look at us.  We're next.

'By the way.  This might be a bad time.  But... I'm out of pee.'  Lewis said from behind us.

It brought it's giant hand down onto where we stood.  But we were too quicker.  In increasing her size, she slowed considerably.  Her strength has also increased tenfold, when the sand hand was lifted; there on the ground laid a massive crater.  As wide as Gavin was tall.

'Any more ideas?'  Gavin asked.  Eyes unmoving.

'Well, do you trust me?'  I answered Gavin's question with my own.

'Yea, course.'

'Then launch me.'


'Launch me up, using your katanas.'

'That's suicide!'

'I thought you said you trusted me.'

Gavin paused hesitantly.

'Fine.  But if you die... can I have your Wii?'

We both laughed at this.  And looked up, having only just enough time to dodge another one of the monster's attacks.

Gavin holstered his guns.  He drew his katanas.  I jumped up into the air.  Landed squarely on Gavin's now-perpendicular swords.  We both pushed with all our might.

I was launched into the air.  At least 300m high.  Woot!  It's just like in Advent Children!

There were still fighting on the ground.  The dumb beast has still yet to notice my presence in the air.  Which is good, because I can't block anything with no foothold.  It's not like I could block an attack anyway.

I landed on the monster's head.  The head was solid.  I took a deep breath and looked around at my surroundings.  I could see for miles.  Jungle on all sides, then further out desert.

No time for sightseeing now.

'GAVIN, LEND ME YOUR POWER!'  I shouted at the top of my lungs.

Finally, the beast noticed me on top of it's own head.  But it was too late.

'SPINNING SATSUMA STAB!'  Gavin and I shouted.

A hurricane descended on the jungle.  Trees were ripped out of the ground, even the giant grey block was no match for the power of our joint force.

It lasted only seconds.  But seconds was all it took.  The ground surrounding us was destroyed.  Utterly demolished.  No monster in sight.  The big grey block had moved further out-

My thought was cut off.  *gulp* I just remembered.  I'm pretty high up.

'Oh crap...'  I managed to mutter.  Before I fell (in an oddly comical, cartoon kind of way).

I descended rapidly.  Gaining speed after every metre.

I managed to use a peeing man to defeat a sand person.  Kill a big bunch of trolfs.  Defeat a monster using an awesome attack.  And this is how I am going to die?  That sucks.

I was no less than 50 metres from the ground.  No more than 3 seconds left to live.

I brace myself for impact.  I automatically assume the landing position.  Even though it probably wouldn't help.

BOOM!  I landed.  Hey, I'm still alive.

Turns out that I landed onto the sand left over by the monster.  What a relief.

'YOU OK?'  Gavin shouts as he runs towards me.

'Course I am.  Who do you think I am?  I don't die easy.'  I said.  Wanting to act awesome.

That was enough action for one day.  We trekked back to the door and passed back into our world...


I guess it's the end of the current story arc.  What the hell we gonna do next?!


2HB said...

i'm thinking the next story should be a romance.

2HB said...

and take my blog off the blog roll!

it's private :(

..which sort of defeats the object of it being a blog!
but oh wellz :(

WJUK said...

First comment: Romance?! You seen Gavin?! - No offence Gavin -

Second comment: Blog Roll? Oh right, that thing.

My sidebar looked a bit lonely so I wanted to add some stuff to it. The poll was another one of those things.

I would take it off. But I cba.


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