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Monday, 16 July 2007

More tiredness (again) ~ Idiot Test 4!

To be honest I didn't want to go to badminton today.  But, seeing as we were short on people I had to go.  Oh well.

That was a bad idea.

It was fine when I was playing.  But after a routine shower after playing and a little rest.  I found it hurt all over.

Heck, I can't even say it hurts.  It transcends the boundaries of hurting.  The closest thing I can think of is: "Painfully Dying."  Yea, it's that bad.

I'd hate to think what it'll feel like tomorrow mourning... oh crap.

Oh and another thing.

Unless you've been living under a rock for the last 3/4 years (which could happen) you've undoubtedly heard of the Simpsons Movie - which uncoincidentally is coming out this month.

And since it's a movie and stuff.  There's a website.  Yea yea, movie websites suck (the majority of the time) just like movie tie-in games.  But the Simpsons Movie website seems to be (a bit cos I haven't checked it out much) different.

I had made my own Simpsons Avatar but for some reason it won't download.  Oh well.

But that is me.  Simpsons Style.  Which is awesome.

It's like Matt Groening draw me himself.  There some other stuff there too but I cba to check it out.

That's all I really wanted to say...

Oh and the link here.  Almost forgot.

Just another heads up.  I managed to complete Idiot Test 4!  Awesome right?!

It's here: IDIOT TEST.













No, I'm only joking.  It's actually here.

Ok, enough of the joking around...

Carrying with the story (again).  Hm... Now I'm really stuck with how the hell are we gonna get to the Demon King and stuff...

After leaving the town (which they never got the name of by the way) and waving goodbye to the emperor (which they also forgot to ask the name of) the company set out in search of the elusive Demon King.  With an extra person.  The magician person who taught them (surprise surprise, they forgot to ask the name again!).

'Oh yea.  What is your name?'  Lewis asked the magician dude.  This was the first time any of us thought to ask the name of someone in the history of our existence.

'My real name?'  Lewis nodded.  'Shiska Utrav Lamoon Bottu Sai Tei Maiyun Plankton Cow Chese Dia Blo Mea Symthing Lol Higgins.'

'Whhhaaattt?  You lost me at Shiska.'  Lewis exclaimed, wide-mouthed.

'Oh don't worry.  You're not the first.  Most people just call me Glen.'

'Glen?  How the hell did you get that name?'

'University...  I don't wanna talk about it.  But those years sure were wild...'  Magician dude, or Glen, now looked into the distant horizon like people do when the remember stuff.

Lewis, not wanting to miss out on what ever was going on (we might see another grappopotamus) also looks into the distance.  Trying to fathom what Glen was looking at.  Lewis was also screaming:  'Whatcha looking at?'  This was followed by:  'Come on!  Tell me!'  But Glen was totally ignoring him.

By now, I was sick of the conversation that was happening.  And trying to tell Lewis to shut up and stuff.  But Gavin was quiet.  Gazing intently at the horizon.

'Look.  Over there.  A person.'  Gavin remarked, just when I was going to lop of Lewis' head.  I swear Gavin was waiting just before the climax of our argument to stop us.

But when I looked to where Gavin pointed.  Sure enough.  There was a silhouette of a person.  Walking to straight ahead of us.

'You know.  I think it's a woman.'  I said as we drew closer.  It is.  Travelling all alone in the desert.  She wasn't carrying anything either.

When we got into 100m range of her, she collapsed onto the hot-desert sand.

Our horses started to gallop towards her - except Lewis' horse since he was towing along the donkeys and provisions.

I was the first to reach her and dismounted quickly.  Gavin was not far behind.  It was indeed a woman - quite a beautiful one at that - her hair was blonde and her skin fair.  She's probably another Gaijin.  Maybe she came through the same portal we did.

I turned her over - as she fell head first and landed belly down - and lifted her head up.  Gavin handed his drinking sack - which he took off, anticipating that it would be the first thing she would need.  I proceeded in getting some water down her throat.

After 3/4 gulps she coughed and spluttered.  And she opened her eyes...

They were light blue.

She looked utterly drained and on the verge of dehydration.  She also had some early signs of heat stroke.  Think.  What did the teacher say in that first aid course regarding Heat Stroke.

"If someone shows signs of a heat stroke, cool the body as quickly as possible and call 999. While you wait for emergency medical personnel to arrive, you can move the victim to a cooler place with circulating air, remove as much clothing as you can, and use ice-cold baths, running water, cold towels, ice packs, etc, to cool the body."

I'm sure it's not word for word and there are some other stuff but that'll do for now.  Additionally, we can't call for 999 either.  We're on our own.

'Gavin.  Pitch up the tent.'  Gavin, unspeaking, walked over to one of the donkeys - since Lewis had managed to reach us by now - and pulled out a rolled up tent.  He continued to pitch the tent - with frightening efficiency to the common person.  It took less than a minute to set up the tent.  And much less than 2 for us to get the woman inside.

Ok, so that's her moved to a cooler place.  What's next?

I run through my mind the instructions again:  "remove as much clothing as you can, and use ice-cold baths, running water, cold towels, ice packs, etc, to cool the body."

I looked down at the woman.  Her clothes were pretty much rags anyway.  And if we removed anymore clothing she'd pretty much be bare.

Gavin came in and also knelt beside her.  The tent was still surprisingly spacious, despite having two grown men and a grown women inside. 

'How's she doing?'  He asked.

'Not that bad... not that good either.  Got any cold water?'

'Yea we do.  That magical cooler* thing really works!'  With those words Gavin rushed out of the tent and came back moments later with some ice-cold water.

We drenched the woman and continued to do so, until we were sure that any danger of heat stroke she was in has now passed.  Then she fell asleep.

I took the remnants of the cold water - which was now warmish - back outside and plopped them back into the magical cooler that was being carried by one of the donkeys.

The sun shone down and sweat broke out from under my hairline.  The difference in temperatures between inside and outside the tent were enormous.  They were two different worlds.  I chuckled at this remark that my brain made.

Gavin came out from the tent and walked up beside me.  I was still next to the donkey.

'She'll be fine.  The worst has passed.'  He said.  Breaking me from my little chuckle - which he failed to notice under my broad-rimmed hat.

'Good.  We'll see if we can drop her off at the next town.'  I said.  I looked up at the sun.  'I guess there's no point setting off now.  We'll camp here for tonight and move on at the break of dawn tomorrow.'

Gavin nodded.  'My thoughts exactly.  Great minds think alike.'


Who is the mysterious girl and what role does she play in this ever-advancing story?

Find out in the coming days (or weeks?).

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