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Friday, 6 July 2007

Bleach coming? ~ Sickness

Is the Bleach Wii game coming to Europe?  Who knows.  According to this list of 'NINTENDO WII SOFTWARE NEW RELEASE' it's coming to the US.  So that means there may be a chance that it's coming to Europe.  Which will be awesome.  Hopefully it does.

Click for a larger - and much much clearer image.

UPDATE:  Gamespot has confirmed Bleach coming to the US.  On the Wii and DS.  Here.

Sorry about the late post.  The above was written last night.  I've been plagued by sickness all day.  Right now I'm wrapped in a bedsheet and just got back up from sleeping.  You know what they say.  When your sick, sleep.  And play your DS while on the bed.

The story won't be continued today because of that.  If you really have to blame someone...  blame viruses and bacteria.

Heck, I'm braving the coldness and putting my life on the line just for my loyal bloglings today.  I could be sleeping now.  But no, my sense of duty towards my blog prevailed.

I'm sure if you ask Gavin really nicely he'll start of some other story and I'll add to it tomorrow.

For now, I'm WJUK signing off.  For sleep.  FTW.

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