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Wednesday, 18 July 2007

A lenghtly Conversation

After setting off WJUK, Jill and I were engaged in a conversation and Lewis and Glen were arguing about the best flavour of Pie, which we ingored.

'Why were you out in desert on your own?' WJUK casually slipped into the conversation

'I'm looking for some people' Jill replied 'But I don't want to talk about it' WJUK gave her a strange look and I knew straight away something wasn't right just by the look he gave her.

'What is with that look!' Jill said aburptly which a slightly raised voice

'I'm just curious thats all' WJUK said who was slightly pissed that he was snapped at like that 'It just seems alittle strange that your out here all on your own looking for people, it would of made sense to travel with someone or atleast some supplies'

'You're right WJUK, it does seem alittle strange' I said starting to figure out why he gave her that look.

'I lost all my supplies, I was raided by some desert bandits' She said back, it was stated in a way which made it obvious she was lying.

'Why did you have 2 daggers with you then?' I said with a blank look on my face 'What kind of bandits leave their victim with weapons, that seems alittle stupid'

'I don't know' Jill said who was now angry 'Are you accusing me of lying?'

'Well, you story does sound alittle strange' WJUK said

'WHAT'S THAT' Lewis drastically pointed off into the distance, Me and WJUK were to busy questioning Jill to notice that in the distance was 5 or 6 horse riding this way, each seem to be mounted

I glanced over to WJUK, who had one hand on a sword and said 'Do we ever get a rest around here'

'I guess not' WJUK said who was now climbing off the horse 'Try not to harm the horses'

'Okay' I said drawing both my swords, 'Lets make it quick aswell'

'Get ready!' WJUK said drawing his 3rd and final sword and placing it into his mouth and the horseriders got closer and stop several feet in front of us

'Give us your weapons and supplies and we might let you live' The one at the front of the crowd said

'How about you turn around and leave us alone and we might let you live' Jill said, all of us were shocked at this statement Jill had just said who was now tightly holding the 2 daggers

'Didn't we leave you stranded in the desert the other day with nothing but the clothes on your back' The one at the front of the crowd said, Me and WJUK look over at each other, with the same look on our face, we both had the same thought, 'How did she get the Daggers?'

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