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Tuesday, 31 July 2007

Finish Dark Tower Series

Well, nothing of note today.

But I did finish the Dark Tower Series.

It's an epic story told in seven books, each book consisting of around 700/750 pages.  It's not exactly for children...

'The Dark Tower is a series of seven books by American writer Stephen King that tells the tale of lead character Roland Deschain's quest for the "Dark Tower." The Dark Tower is often described in the novels as a real structure, and also as a metaphor. Part of Roland's fictional quest lies in discovering the true nature of the Tower. The series incorporates themes from multiple genres, including fantasy fiction, science fantasy, horror, and western elements. King has described the series as his magnum opus; beside the seven novels that comprise the series proper, many of his other books are related to the story, introducing concepts and characters that come into play as the series progresses.'

 That's what the introduction to the Wikipedia article says.  It pretty much sums it up.  Here's the article: The Dark Tower (series)

Now, this series has been the reason why Harry Potter has been left unread by me - a horrible fact that I found out at the party: I was the only one who didn't read the last HP book (except for Sammi, but she doesn't count).

But I don't honestly care.  Ok, maybe I care about Dobby's death - there I said it!  But the series has been awesomely fun to read, and the ending - I reckon - was better than the HP series ending.

As you may, or may not, know.  In the final HP book, it's something about HP and Ginny get together.  Ron and Hermoine getting together (obviously).  And some other stuff.  Like Lupin dying and stuff.  And I've heard Dobby's death was the most emotional.  Plus, JK does all that "19 years later" crap, which is good for tying up loose ends I suppose.  And they have children and stuff, so does Draco!

Anyway, in the DT series the ending is much better.  The group is split up, a ton of people are dead - but due to the non-linear nature of the series, two technically "come back to life" through traveling to a different world.  BUT the best part of it was the part at the end.  Roland walks over to the door... opens it... to find... desert!  LMAO!  You won't get this, but the first book started in the desert!  So basically, he's just been looped back to the very (well, not quite) of his quest for the Dark Tower and he has to do it ALL again!  LMAO.  Although, he doesn't remember doing it before.

So, yeah.  The DT has a better ending.

Additionally, the poll (on the left, retard) has finished.  And it seems the majority (over 90% or something, by my calcs) seem to think that all in fine and dandy with the graphics and stuff.  Which is good.

And I expect it to be so.

Gotta think of a new poll now.

How about: 'Ninjas or Pirates?'  or 'Cake or Pie?'

I'm unsure...

I guess I'll think about it.

Oh, and just in case any of you missed it.  The one and only picture I got of Lewis' Party:

Then the stuff I said yesterday, because I am lazy:

Well, here is the only picture I've been sent of the party. Either the people with cameras have some inexplicable reason why all their cameras all just suddenly stopped working... Or they're all just lazy fu*kers. I think it's the latter.

As you can see in the picture. Gavin is pissed out of his mind, and is drinking Carlsberg which he swears on his face of his mother that he cannot remember doing. I'm generally enjoying myself. While Kate... she's really enjoying herself.
You wouldn't like to see what's happening underneath...


Kate's going to kill me.

Anyway, onward with the story!

Although I wish Gavin would keep to a regular posting schedule, it's a pain posting after myself.  I always leave so open-ended conclusions... :P

The party started almost instantly.  They weren't scared of the massive mechs at all.  It was amazing!  It was even better than the last party.  Although a lot of kids asked if they could ride in the mechs, or at least be carried around on it.

Seeing as I was in a good mood.  I agreed.  Gavin did too.

This carried on for the better part of 2 hours.  Until we finally decided that was enough.  We sat down to enjoy some nice, quiet drinking time to ourselves... only to be bombarded with presents from locals.

Just imagine this scene:
Random Japanese Man:  Here, a present for you.

Me:  Ah... ok.  Except I've got that present like 10 times already.

RJM:  What?!  You not like?  *starts crying*

Me:  Oh for f*cks sake.  Yes, I like.

RJM:  Really?  *stops crying*  YATTAI!

Me:  Damn... how many more times...

This happened a lot.

Eventually, we got tired and decided to sneak away.  The plan was a stroke of genius.  I'll show you exactly what happened:
Me:  Just excuse me, I need to do my business...

RJM:  Oh... what is your business?

Me:  Er... I meant I need the toilet.

RJM:  Oh, should have said.

Me:  Ok...

Gavin:  Oh yea.  I got... er... business to do as well.

RJM:  What?  Together?

Gavin:  I guess.

RJM recoils in fear.  Homophobe.  We scurry away as fast as possible.

We got away.  Lewis was still back at the party, relishing in the attention.  Glen was no where to be seen.  Probably making some hocus pocus potions or something.

Gavin and I found a suitable spot atop a large rock, just outside of town.  I sat down.  A moment later he sat down beside me.

I looked up at the moon and it was a full moon tonight.

I exclaimed:  'Oh wow!  Look at that!  A full moon.  Now... all I need is some alcohol...'

'What you mean this?'  Gavin said as he placed his hand inside his jacket.  Only to pull out 2 large bottles of beer, or sake, I didn't care.

'Sweet.  Where did you get those?'  I asked, taking a swig after saying it.

Gavin also drank a bit and replied:  'When  we were leaving.  See, I'm not just a pretty face.'  He said the last bit while pointing to his face.

We laughed.  And that night we talked, laughed and got pissed under the full moon.

I'll leave you with that disturbingly happy picture.

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