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Wednesday, 1 August 2007

The trip home

Okay, the reason I don't post everyday is because i get made to go on days out with the family, get in at about 7ish, then I eat, shower, sleep for the night.

Anyways on with the story:

WJUK finished on a happy note, first one of those in the whole story, i think.

Gimely came to us dragging Lewis along who was annoied that he had to leave the party 'This is were you two ran off too.'

'Yeah, I was alittle fed up with getting random japanese people talking to me' WJUK said, then draining the last of his drink, 'Plus I think it is time we headed off home. I have no idea how long we have been gone.'

'It's been awhile, I could do with a break' I said while standing up, 'We just need to find a portal thing' as i said it one of the portals appeared out of no where.

'Well that was easy enough' WJUK said by this time he had started to stand up

'Aren't you going to say bye to any of these people?' Lewis asked, it was obvious he was missing the party.

'Nope, we got what we wanted' WJUK said who was inches away from the portal

'What?' Lewis asked, he was confused 'All the gifts are back at the party'

'Not the gifts!' WJUK said, this confused Lewis even more 'We got an awesome Mecha and we got to fight a Uber hard demon king, that is what we wanted'

'but...but' Lewis was speechless

'Besides the money they give us here is useless back home' I said, Lewis still seem lost in confusion.

'I want to stay here alittle longer, say goodbye to the people' Lewis was deadly serious

'Fine, but if we aren't at home when you decide to come back we will be on other adventure and you will have to find us on your own like Gimely did' WJUK said, he sounded alittle upset that Lewis wouldn't be coming back, whether he meant it or not.

After exchanging Goodbyes, we went out own ways, lewis back to party. Me, WJUK and Gimley back home.

'How long do you think he will be gone?' I asked WJUK

'Not long, a few days at the most' He really almost instantly, Gimely gave a slight nod to say he agreed.

We where home at last, where will our next adventure take us?

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