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Friday, 31 August 2007

I couldn't come up with a title today nor have I came up with the story, so I've decided to do what all great people do...Wing it.

We started to fly towards the enemy, I was worried and thinking what the hell Bob was thinking, maybe he knew something we didn't?

'What are you doing?' I yelled down to Bob

'Don't worry' He yelled back instantly as if he was expecting one of us to ask '545 activate Pod cruisers'

As he said this the three Battle stations popped out the of the main ship, All of us were shocked at this event, more controls had popped out aswell, it looked as if we had to pilot aswell to fight.

'Don't worry guys, I installed this myself' Bob voice echoed from a speaker, 'It has auto-pilot to take you back to earth, so concentrate on shooting, plus it makes the main ship faster, almost doubling its speed, so, I will see you back at earth'

As he said this the main ship blasted off at an echoing speed straight past the Strogl Fleet.

'That Son of a' Gimely yelled but was interrupted by WJUK before he could finish 'Don't you think we should concentrate on the Strogl Gimely?'

'He has a point Gimely, lets deal with that twat when we get back' I yelled

'Okay, Gimely take the left, Gavin you take the right, I will take the middle' WJUK said

'Wait, we have auto pilot on so how do we move to the left and right?' I asked

'I dunor, maybe we have pre-set paths, maybe we changed places every so often, anyways, we need to go through that fleet so as we are heading that way we might as well have alittle plan' WJUK said

We approached the Fleet, all three of us tighten our grip.

And placed our fingers down on the trigger.

The first shot was fired.

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