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Tuesday, 28 August 2007

Story time

Well, I know some of you have been waiting for this, well actually i don't. Does anyone actually read the story? Some feedback on it would be nice, Comment this post or tell us in the chat box on the left side or get in touch with WJUK on msn, i'm pretty sure his email address has been mention some where.

Okay, WJUK left off with a fight scene opening so lets carry on, and If WJUK is back tonight he might post or maybe not, he will probably to lazy to post so just wait until tomorrow for the next installment.

We were manning the turrets, the 2 bogeys were getting the closer 545 kept informing us of this fact.

They drew closer every second. Not knowing what to expect all we could do is keep gripping the turret handles.

One ship appeared directly in front of us, all 3 of us turned out turrets and fired.


All three of us hit the ship countless times

'Thats one down' I heard Gimely shout.

The other came into view to my side, only me and WJUK could fire as Gimely couldn't see it, it took a few more shots but the same result happened, the Strogl ship was blew up.

'Thats them all' WJUK yelled down to Bob

'Don't be too sure, Strogl travel in fleets, 2 ships are sent out to scout ahead, get ready for the real fight' Bob yelled back

Bob was right, we had hardly anytime to take in the fact that more ships where on their way, only after a few seconds of Bob warning us we were surround.

We started to fire, Gimely was alittle trigger happy, keeping his paw on the trigger and randomly spraying bullets at ships. WJUK and I took a more planned route of destroying them.

They started getting closer and closer, it was like an epic game of space invaders.

Who will win? WJUK will tell you sometime.

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