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Tuesday, 7 August 2007

A new location

The smell of the food got closer...the food was here.

Smoked salmon with hints of pepper atop it. A salted beef steak with a parsley topping. With a side dish of vegetables.

We digged in, WJUK and I were hungry, we hadn't eaten since we lefted, which now seemed awhile ago. The women and the guy which brought the food in who was wearing the same cloak as us and with long blonde hair and a beard were amazed at the speed we ate.

We both finished at the same time aswell as reaching for a drink at the same time aswell. Fresh mountain water by the taste of it, it had an icy taste to it.

'Where abouts are we?' WJUK asked 'Somewhere in the moutains?'

'We are high up in the earth's atmosphere on a small floating island.' The women replied.

'What year is this?' I asked remembering that we travelled back in time when we went to Japan.

'2080' The man firmly said 'Why?'

'No reason' WJUK quickly said stepping up in his chair 'Gavin we need to talk!' WJUK walked the room leaving the door open for me.

I followed soon after with Gimely behind me and I shut the door 'That was alittle rude. What is it?'

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