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Saturday, 4 August 2007

Movies, movies and... more movies...

Well, today I spent most time watching movies.  Which is nice for a change.  It's been my first real time actually watching TV in a while.

First, the movie marathon (sort of marathon) started with 'The Mummy Returns' which was then followed by 'Stealing Harvard' I think it was called.  And finally by the awesome film that is 'Rush Hour 2.'

All the films are good in their own right... except RH2 which whoops both the other two film's asses combined.

And hopefully I'll be able to prove Carter's (played by Chris Tucker) statement in the bloopers.

'Damn.  He ain't gonna be in Rush Hour 3.'

Yes, Rush Hour 3 is going to hit our cinemas soon.  And this movie monster will be awesome, I can tell just by the trailers.  Which incidentally plastered the TV during the ad breaks between the RH2 film.

Anyway enough of the movies I watched today.

The story... well, about that.

Today I'm feeling bloody-ass tired.  And I mean: BLOODY-ASS TIRED. 

So, you'll just have to lay off the good stuff for a while.  See if you can go a whole day without it.  You probably can.  But I dunno, some of you get pretty mental over stuff like this.

See you tomorrow!  Which is my BIRTHDAY!  Yea!  You know, I just remembered.

Birthdays just aren't the same as when you are kids... *sigh*  they lose the oomph they use to have.  Oh well.

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