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Sunday, 26 August 2007

A few surprises...

I'm going to leave the big one till last.  Just before the story. ;)

Anyway, the first surprise... are a few pictures from the BBQ.  I was only sent 2, but I made the most of them.

Here's the first one:

And here is the photo after WJUKification (modification by me):

In all fairness the suggestion came from Kate herself.  But I executed it - and rather good, I'd say.  I got to say though, the photo does look like an advert.  It was not choreographed in any way.  But I think that we couldn't be in better poses even after choreography.  Except... maybe... the dog was in mid-air or sliding on the floor while 'rocking out' on a heavy metal guitar.

People in photo (from left to right): Mike, Tom, Me, Gavin.


Then came this beauty of a photo:

Not taken as well as the first photo but it was ok.  The blank space to the left of the photo symbolises... freedom.   Somehow.

But here's the real kicker.  Upon closer inspection - and Daisy's going to kill me for this - I found this:

Now if that isn't just a priceless photo, I don't know what is.  Hey, that gives me an idea...

*Hurries off to mess around in Paint.net*

That's all me, baby.  Priceless.  It sure made me ROFL, and I'm betting it did you.

Anyway, now for another kind of surprise.  A CLIP!

Hooray!  We don't get many of these on this blog so it's a real gift when we do!

Sorry about it looking relatively LQ.  But I guess it's better video quality then you get on YT.  It's also larger.  In the video I have it's crisp-clear and totally awesome.

The video was transferred, via messenger, last night.  It took about 1 hour and 30 minutes of mine and Kate's time.  But I guess it was totally worth it.  Somehow I thought it would be longer...

Since it's such a nice video I figured I'd post a real-time play-by-play (of some of the more important moments):

0:00 - Title screen

0:05 - Video starts with Kate going: 'Wai June...'  and me going: 'NO!'

0:07 - Daisy attempts to explain some random crap about hiding the Wii.

0:09 - Laura flat out lies and denies.

0:13 - Leeman swears at camera.

0:17 - Leeman attempts to probe Laura for the location of the Wii.  Fails inexplicably.

0:36 - Lewis attempts to jump into a photo.  Fails.  Because she's taking a movie.  LMAO.

0:44 - There's so much glare you can only see silhouettes.  Kate: 'I can't really see.'

0:47 - 'Oh shit.' By Kate.  As she spills some beer.

0:52 - Just a random interval stating Kate had pissed herself.

0:59 - Kate spills beer on my crotch.  Yes, you heard that right.  Despite there being no footage of it (or close-up for that matter).

1:06 - I attempt to pour some beer onto Kate's crotch.

1:10 - I as messing around with the beer bottle.  Ashley knocks my hand.  Beer goes everywhere. 

1:15 - Someone snorts.  I have no idea who does.  But someone does.  Anyone verify?

1:22 - Kate pours beer onto tomato plants.

1:29 - Sammi waltz into shot... drunk.  No surprise there.

1:31 - Ashley shouts something resembling: 'Asian Negro.'  It's because of the earlier bottle spilling incident.

1:34 - Video ends.

The credits and onwards need no play-by-play.  I just wanted to tell of some things that happened, but weren't seen in the video.

Now for the biggest surprise of all.

Drum roll please...




I'm going on holiday.



I only found this out yesterday night.  I guess my whole family's kinda impulsive.  It's sweet though, so f***ing sweet that we get to go on holiday.

Don't worry it's only for about 2 days.  Due to me having to be back here for Franklin Enrollment Day, we're coming back on the 29th.  But during the 2 days, I probably won't be able to blog.  Unless, of course, I can get my hands on a computer and internet connection.  Then that's a different story...

The story again.  And as promised I'm going to try and back in some action for this.  Seeing as Gavin should be stringing you along for the next few days, it's only appropriate.  Of course, there's always Kate to provide an insight into the inner workings of women.  There's a lot more stuff then you think, seriously.  I found out tons of stuff that I didn't even know, that were going on in my (rather large) circle of friends.

Deep; man.  Real deep.


I looked out the clear plexi-glass (at least I think it was) windscreen for the ship.  And I see the stars.  Wait.  What's that?

'I see you've spotted Saturn.'  Bob said.  'Looks beautiful, doesn't it?'

'Yea, it does.  I guess some things never change...'  Saturn?!  We must of travelled light years during our few moments in flight.

'What was that?  I didn't hear you properly.'

'Nothing.  I was just thinking aloud.'

'A little about the ship now.'  Bob's voice grew more enthusiastic.  'It sports the latest in cellular nano self-repairing equipment.'

'And that means?'  I ask.

'That means there's these little robots that come out and repair your ship.  And they do it pretty fast as well.'

'Oh, ok.  Should have said that.'

Bob continued.  'Then this model also includes the best nuclear-'

Suddenly, the ship rocks violently from side to side.

Bob shouts out: '545.  What's the matter?'

The holographic image speaks, and the mouth moves convincingly to the voice: 'Two bogeys detected at sector 2346 and 2348.  What are your commands?'

'Oh crap.  The firepower's all manual.  What're we going to do.'  Bob screamed at the top of his lungs.  He looked so very scared.

'I guess that's our cue.'  Gavin said.  I turned around and nodded.

Finding the gunning positions were relatively easy, they were marked with bright yellow signs.  And they could all be accessed via the bridge.

Gavin took up the gunning position on the right, Gimely the left and finally I took up the position up top.  I stepped it and was suddenly blasted with nostalgia as it resembled the mecha cockpit a lot.

I initiated the gun.  And it moved further out!  It seemed to give more versatility to the guns, they can be moved out and controlled that way.  Giving it 360 degrees of movement.  Only a small cord (that's almost impossible to hit) is connected to the main ship.  The gunning position is actually a glass spherical ball, meaning I could see all around me.  I noticed this was also happening to Gavin & Gimely.

'I guess it's time to kick some Strogl ass.'


Ok, so I may not have incorporated that much action in.  Put it primarily sets it up for an action sequence.  Gavin, it's your time to shine.

I'll be seeing you lot in 2/3 days.  Hopefully I'll be able to post sooner.


Leeman said...

I loved it WJUK :))
And you put me in the credits :')

Also i hear you have a new hairstyle. LETS SEEE IT

WJUK said...

Lol, thanks. I take proud in stuff I do (and videos I edit).

Oh yea! I totally forgot about that. I was meant to take a picture with my webcam or something, to show you guys.

And I guess Belcher told you bought it didn't he?

Daisy. said...

I hate you

so much.

WJUK said...

I'm some what not surprised...

But it was all worth it. The only bad thing was I couldn't see your expression when you saw it. *pity*

Was it close to: :o

or was it: :0 ?


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