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Sunday, 5 August 2007

Happy Birthday to Me!

Yes, today is the important day every child lives to die for. 

Or something like that.  I just want to start with some words that make me sound good.

Anyway, it's my birthday!  Yea!  All is good and well in the land of my mind.  Thank you to everyone who has wished me an awesome birthday and many more.  That means people over at QnA, the dudes over at Anitube, my RL friends and other people I may have missed.  Thanks everyone!

I expect all presents to be in by next week at the latest.  :P

No, no.  I'm only joking.

I saw two arguably the best films of the year.  Definitely blockbusters.

I finally got round to watching:

 The Transformers movie.

And the Simpsons Movie.

Now, I thoroughly enjoyed both films.  They were both awesome in their own respects.  Transformers had awesome action sequences, and I mean action sequences.  The last half hour of the movie was like:

Optimus Prime: Megatron, you're going down!

Megatron:  Haha!  Your feeble attacks won't work on me!

OP:  That eat this!  Nuclear missile awesome launch sequence!

Megatron:  Oh crap...

Ok, maybe not exactly like that.  But it was good.  The only thing about it was the ending.  Ok, so after the awesome, massive fight between OP and Megatron... Megatron gets killed by a kid, 50th the size of MT.  Now, that was kinda crappy.  And all MT did was kinda shrivel up and burn out.  WHERE WAS THE APLOSION!  (I mean to put aplosion, so don't correct me... because I'm right)  Oh and the romance bit.  Totally unnecessary.  Totally.  Sure, it brings in an expanded audience of girls and woman and whatever.  But do you know what would have brought in more people?  Action!  Just 2 hours of pure action.  Yea, your suppose to have some character development... so flashbacks, maybe?  Not to many and they have to have some sort of fight in.  And make sure when they talk, they're fighting when they're talking.  They're FU*KING ROBOTS!  You expect them to be able to multi-task.  Mind you, I was also watching this film at 3 in the mourning, so I probably sleep-watched most of it.

Next, The Simpsons Movie.  There were some genuinely funny moments in it and I whole-heartedly laughed at them.  It was also good how they broke the fouth wall and everything.  There was a bit in the film that was about 50 odd minutes in and the screen went black...  and some words came up on screen: 'TO BE CONTINUED...'  My sisters face was hilarious, it was a mixture of "WTF?' and "OMFG!"  And then some more words came up: 'Immediately.'  LMAO.  But again, it just felt like an (really) extended version of the episodes.  The best bit, easily, is the infamous: 'Spider Pig' scene.  Everyone who is anyone in the world knows about that part.  That's why it was in the trailers, because it was the best bit.  Also, the ending let it down a bit.  The APLOSION was way to small.  It didn't even have a proper mushroom cloud!  Pathetic.  To be honest, it's a really good film.  Not great.  But good.  Oh and I word of warning to anyone going to watch this film.  There is nothing at the end of the credits. NOTHING.  So there is NO point watching the 9 minute-long credits - which felt as long as the movie - to see if there was anything at the end.

That about rounds up my day.

Onto the story now, and Gavin has left me hanging once again.

I think in light of recent events that I have no idea about, I'm going to start doing shorter story bits.  Instead of a film fu*king page.  Yea, sums me right up.

We jumped through...

We ended up in a sprawled heap on the floor.  It seemed this time the jump through space (and possibly time) has messed up our inner workings.

I try to move my arms but I end up moving my legs.  It takes a whole 4/5 minutes for us to return back to normal and get up again.  Then, it hit us.

We were somewhere cold.  Very cold.  My nose had already frozen over and my mouth had started to as well.

'Oh fu*k!  Quick huddle together, conserve what warmth we have left!'  I said and we walked closer to each other.  It was surprising hard walking, as the ground was deep with snow.  Each step taking twice as much energy as the last.  We finally got together and we sat quietly in that place.  And I finally got a good look around.

It was the mountains.  We were surrounded by mountains, and we were actually at a pretty high altitude.  It was then that I started to feel faint.  The cold wind blasted the back of my head.  I snuggled deeper under the make-shift blanket that was Gavin had somehow got.

Gimely was fine, although we had to hold onto him nonetheless.  His small stature meant that if we let him go, he would have went flying.

My head continued to spin and I was losing consciousness.

'I c-can't h-hold on...'  I murmured through my shattering teeth.

'Y-you've g-g-got to.'  Gavin replied back.  He wasn't feeling top of the world either.

My eyes lost focus.  Everything went blurry.

My last memory was an image of a person in the distance.

Getting closer, and closer...

Is the person a friend or foe?  Can the trio get out of this predicament alive (and preferably with all their limbs still attached)?

Ask Gavin.

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