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Sunday, 5 August 2007

Happy Birthday WJUK

Happy Birthday to you
Happy Birthday to you
Happy Birthday WJUK
Happy Birthday to you!

Sorry i just had to do that =P

And Yesterday WJUK mentioned RH 3 hitting the big screen soon
so heres the trailer:

The first 2 were great so I'm expecting great things, plus it has a 7 foot 9 guy in it which should be funny.

Anyways on with the story:

'Aren't you two too young to drive?' Gimely said

He was right, We are too young to drive...

'Your point is' WJUK replied 'Being in other places, like Japan we can get away with it'

'Hmm, sure' Gimely said, he seemed alittle upset as he failed to annoy us with his smart ass comment

'Isn't it time we went on another adventure anyways?' I asked both of them 'It's been awhile'

'Lets go then' WJUK excitely said 'Same as last time? Just randomly walk around looking for a portal?'

'Why not, it worked last time'

We set off, randomly walking hoping for a portal, of course we got some weird looks with a penguin with us, we also had no way of getting the mecha to come with us.

Gimely simplely said 'They will come when called upon'

Of course we had no idea what he meant.

And there it was. The Portal. In the middle of the street. People where just walking straight past it like it wasn't even there. We ran towards it and dived in.

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