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Saturday, 25 August 2007

yay! A new Blogger

Not only does it give Kate something to do but it also means we now have about 3 posts a day, which means more reading for you.

And WJUK pretty much got whole account of the story down. Thats all i remember about the BBQ.

Anyways on with the story
*Finds last post with story on and reads last line* Okay, I have no idea what to write about, tbh I have no idea what WJUK said in that post. So, I'm just going to make up some random stuff which sounds right.

'This is one of mine favourite inventions and it's all thanks to them no good strogl' Bob smiled

'Please, Don't talk about the master creaters that way' 545 said

'Oh yeah, I still have some kinks to fix, 545 is still very honourable of the Strogl and when I have test drove it and insulted the Strogl the engine have shut down on me and caused other problems' Bob said

'So, we can't speak of the Strogl in a Bad way or she will shut everything down' WJUK asked

'Yeah' Bob nodded

'So, does that mean she has more control over the whole ship?' I asked

'Yes, the basic model came with auto-pilot and auto-attack mode' Bob said 'But I remodel it because Auto-Attack mode kept attacking humans so you have to man the guns yourself but with auto-pilot its easy.'

'We don't mind manning the guns ourself' WJUK said

'Thats good' Bob said 'Anyways, let fire this thing up'

'545, Activate engine!'

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