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Wednesday, 8 August 2007

Connection Problems...

Sorry about yesterday.  My computer was having some connection problems, which in turn means I couldn't blog.

But all was well as Gavin did.  I think.

I went to town yesterday and happened to pick up Pokemon Diamond.  Before you gasp, hear me through.  Many people have suggested (and consequentially nagged) me to buy it.  So I though: Meh... I'll think about it.

But push came to shove... and eventually plow.  It just so happens that I walked past GAME that day and saw through the window.  And it was calling to me.  Ok, lemme put it into terms you'll understand:

There's one more beer in the fridge and the shops are closed (or not open yet).  But your roommate specifically told you that the beer is his.  And you open the fridge and the beer is there with a stupid yellow post-it note reading: "DON'T TOUCH (OR DRINK)!"  So, you heed the warning of the little post-it note and go for the coke instead, and as your about to close the fridge door... drink me... drink me...  It's calling to you.  When inanimate objects call to you you're either: Insane, or want it that specific object.  A lot of times... probably the first one.  But you get what I mean.

Now, I haven't played a Pokemon in yonks (a really really really long time) and it's ok.  It's still Pokemon.  That's it.  No clever implications of the touch-screen (except maybe the pokemon watch, and the underground thing).  It's Pokemon.

But in buying it from GAME I got a DIALGA STYLUS.  Yes, you heard it.  You must be so jealous.  To be honest, I didn't even know I was going to get one.  It just happened to be in the bag when I got home.

Oh and the dude who served me at the till... he looked like Fred & George from the Harry Potter movies.  I'm not joking.  He does.  I guess he slipped in the stylus as a present while I was still wondering which of the twins he was.

I was so tempted to ask: 'Where's Fred?  Oh wait, sorry.  He's dead isn't he.'

Sooo tempted.  I was only saved by our rush out the store.



 I guess that's enough of my Pokematic (?) and Fred & George look-a-like antics.

Ok, I've just received news... ok, maybe I received it quite a while ago.  Anyway, I received news that Wii had an update.  Nothing big, right?  Well, apparently this update allows USB Keyboard support.  That's pretty frickin awesome, seeing as typing using the Wiimote is revolutionary, but not all that practical.

Although I have yet to try it out.

Time for the story again...  hm...

Once everyone was in the room, Gavin shut the door.

I spoke in a hushed tone: 'Ok, so here's the deal.  It's 2080.  And we're somewhere high up in the stratosphere or whatever.  That spells disaster.'

'What?  No it doesn't.  It doesn't spell anything.'  Gimely replied, obviously perplexed.

'It's a figure of speech.'


'Anyway, why disaster?'  Gavin asked quizzically.

'Well, if it's 2080 and we're somewhere in the stratosphere... then that either means: A, the world on land has been utterly destroyed leaving no where to go but up.  B, a natural event occurred which rendered the earth unlivable.  Or C, they ran out of space on land.'

Gavin shook his head.  'Wait, why does it have to be bad?'

'Haven't you seen movies?  Or maybe the Jetsons?  Do you know why they live in those high-rise buildings?  Because the ground has something wrong with it.'

'He's got a point there...'  Gimely pointed out.

'Well, if what you say is true than why don't we ask the people?'  Gavin reasons well.

'Er... I guess.  Except it might be a touchy subject.  You know, if it was a disaster...  they might have lost loved ones etc.'  My voice grew a little louder.

Suddenly the door burst open.

'I see you've been discussing why we're living so high up.'  The woman asked, we still haven't asked her her name yet.  It's simple.  'We're protecting the earth here.  Before you think of any crack-pot ideas.'  Sounds like me alright.

'Protecting the earth...?'  We said in unison.

'Yessiree, I'll explain...'

Protecting the earth?  How do the people so high up protect the earth?

Find out in the next installment, right here.

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