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Friday, 31 August 2007

Wii in 2001?

Ok, so not much happened to me today.  So not really anything blog-worthy to talk about.

My sisters have spent the large majority of the day watching anime though, and it's one anime.

One Piece.

It's a good anime and everything.  But I reckon that's a little excessive, don't you think?  Well, anyway there still watching it now.

After browsing the internet I came across some interesting finds.  Apparently this is what the Wii looked like in 2001 (concept design).

I actually think it's pretty cool.  Although I prefer the standard (now) Wiimote & Nunchuk.  It does give me the traditional controller feeling; it especially reminds me of the DualShock controllers developed by Sony.  It also looked like it had many variations too.  I'm glad they ditched that.

Yea, that's how boring my day was.  I posted a picture of the Wii's concept design from 2001...

This is also another little gimmick I came across:

Super Smash Mojo

It's a rip-off of the original Smash Bros site and it looks the part.  It even has regular updates.  AND it's funny.  What more do you want?

I'm not sure how long it's going to stay on though; since I'm getting the idea that Nintendo won't like it...

Q: Why does it say MOTHER on this item?


Ok, I guess it's forward-ho to the story.  Which we still have no feedback for, btw.  Just in case you don't know.

Although it is fun to write and think up insane ideas, so I guess I'll continue anyway.


The minutes that followed the first shot being fired was a blur.

I could only remember gripping the controls.  Ducking dangerously - no, perilously, close to enemy ships.  The ship's auto-pilot was also very intuitive.  It analysed the situation and chose the best path to take through the wave of enemy gunfire.

All I had to keep in mind was to keep firing at the b******.

We had managed to get through the wave of fighters with shields on unscathed.  But I only managed to take out one fighter ship due to their almost impervious shields.  I'm not sure about Gavin & Gimely though, there wasn't enough time for me to be worrying about them two.  They'll be fine.

As I burst out of the group of fighters I could see the main fleet.  Gavin & Gimely also got out fine.

By now the enemy ships had also done a 180 and were chasing us.  Our ships were only slightly faster than the fighters so we were dodging in between the gunfire.  At one point there was so much gunfire that Gavin & Gimely were blocked out of my sight.

In roughly 3 minutes we made contact with the main fleet.

The main battleships were HUGE.  And I mean huge.

Our ship was but a speck compared to them.  A droplet in the large ocean, if you will.

But in being a speck we could travel past relatively easily without being hit.  The guns also reacted slower - but no doubt dealt more damage - on the main ships.

There seemed to be a never ending amount of battleships.  And they came in varying sizes.

It was then that I saw it.  The mother-ship.  And boy, was it one heck of a beastly mother.

That's impossible.

Apparently it was.  The ship it self was the size of a small country.  I gawked at it as the auto-pilot automatically calculated the best route past the giant ship.

'How are we going to get past this?!'  I heard Gimely say on the radio.

'Any more crazy-ass ideas?'  Was Gavin's question across the radio.  He seemed relatively calm.

'Maybe just one...'


Another cliffhanger for Gavin to finish.


Have fun.



Oh and I came across this awesome list while I was blogging.  It's mostly right by the way.

The Official List of the Best Things in Existence

Bruce Lee, Chuck Norris, God, Oxygen, Monkeys, Beer, Sex, Yo' Mama jokes, sliced bread, Japanese stuff and Sharon* are just a few things you'd find on the list.

There's even pictures.


I'm seeing a trend here.  Uncyclopedia is another parody site, this time parodying (it's quite obvious) Wikipedia.

And by the way, it's funny.  In case you haven't worked that one out for yourselves.  Retard.

*Referring to Lewis mom.  You probably won't get it since it's more of a in-house joke at our school.  Still makes me ROFL though.  ROFL.


Oh and by the way.  You Are Dead.

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