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Saturday, 1 September 2007

'Maybe just one...'

'Okay, well I have 2 plans, one is crazy the other is boring' WJUK said

The constant firing of the guns made it hard to have a conversation without long pauses filled with gun fire.

'Great, lets hear the boring one' Gimely said

'Come on Gimely, Don't be such a bore' I said only just managing to find a few seconds spare.

The ships auto-pilot still was managing to weave its path avoiding the gun fire.

'My plan is to find out how to get access to the mother ship, fight our way through to the main control room and ask them about the Elders' WJUK said, it took him longer to explain it due to constant firing of the ships

'But what about auto-pilot?' Gimely asked

We were locked in combat before either one of us could answer Gimely question.

'Press the button 'Auto-Pilot On/Off' on it' I replied a few minutes later

All three of us pushed the button and turned 180 and headed straight for the mother ship, our main focus now was not getting hit.

Okay, I know my posted is small and sucky but WJUK has the stage to write some thrilling stuff now =P Oh and check out that The Official List of the Best Things in Existence it is funny stuff

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