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Sunday, 16 September 2007

Cliff... mod....?

Well, if you've been following my latest postings at all lately.  You'll have known that I've started playing Halo again, and enjoying every bit of it.

But now it's even better.  Since I obtained the 'Cliff mod' for the Blood Gulch map.  And it's f*cking amazing.

Basically it adds a bunch of awesome stuff to the map.

- Plasma Rifle swapped for Needler (homing)
- Shot Gun re-skinned (wood shottie)
- Pistol ammo = rocktes
- Sniper ammo = sticky nades
- Fuelrod ammo = homing
- Newly decorated bases for Red & Blue
- Sky Base
- All hogs reskinned
- Ghost = Eagle skin
- Scorpion Tank = reskinned
- Many new teleports (1 hidden)
- 3 Booby Traps (he he he)

That's what the author put that anyway.  And I've been able to rack up kills of up to 80/90.

Just amazing.

If only I had found out about it earlier...

Yea... about the story...

Gavin will take care of it.

Bye bye.




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