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Saturday, 15 September 2007

Some new stuff on the Side-Bar

I've you've been checking this blog daily, you may have noticed some changes to the side-bar...

Late last night:

Me: Hm... It's only 2am... What should I do?

Evil WJUK: You should go to sleep! Muhahahaha!

Me: Dude... That's the most evil thing I've ever heard...

Good WJUK: NO! You must work hard! Go improve your blog!

Me: Ok, now it's getting convincing.

Evil WJUK: Sleep!

Good WJUK: Blog!

<Numerous repeats of 'Sleep!' 'Blog!' later>

Me: STFU! Both of you. Geez, what's a guy got to do to get some peace and quiet?! Tell you what. Thumb war. Who wins gets me to the there retrospective things.

Evil & Good WJUK: Deal!


Good WJUK: YAY! I win!

Evil WJUK: Damn that stupid saying where 'good always prevails over evil' dammit.

WJUK: Meh. Whatever.

And so I added some stuff to the side-bar of the blog. They're pretty awesome. As you can probably tell I got them through Google. It's also easy to do due to it being only one line of code. Sweet, right?

My favourite thing that I added was the MP3 player. I've been considering adding music to the blog for some time and I finally got round to doing it last night. It works using XSPF (XML Shareable Playlist Format) I think anyway. I stumbled across it accidentally and it's pretty awesome. The music that is currently on the player is the default playlist; I'm not sure what music to add (I'm sure you know, I'm not good with music). But that is subject to change. If you desire to you can send in requests for certain songs to make onto the playlist.


even better would be for you to compile a playlist for me (through XSPF) and send me the link so I can put it on. Sweet. That would save me a lot of time - I think anyway.

Nevertheless, enjoy this gadget!

I'm unsure, but I think you can add tracks (that have a .mp3 extension) regardless of who you are. Try it and tell me!

HOWEVER you probably won't have to add any songs there are already OVER 200 songs on the playlist. I DARE YOU TO LISTEN TO THEM ALL.

A formal challenge has been issued. Anyone willing to take it up?

It's another installment of the story. woot!

I'll just get straight to the point.

Story, below.

Read. Now.


'Be on your guard.' I said to the others.

'You don't have to tell us that.' Gavin replied. Laughing a bit in the process.

'Sshh... It's coming.' Gimely seemed surprisingly serious. Maybe because he was lacking a mech. Although he can come into either of our cockpits and act as the navigator. He refused.

The rumble continued to increase. Until it felt like an 8 on the Richter Scale. Lewis' laughter was also drowned about the sound of impending doom.

Then it happened.

Just before that instant seemed like it dropped deadly silent. If only for a second. And I glanced towards Lewis. He mouthed these words to me: 'See you in the afterlife.' He looked quite solemn, I guess he has changed from the bumbling idiot he used to be. I liked his old self better though. His old self didn't try to kill us.

From the north and south wall (as indicated on my mech) large creatures crashed through. It kicked up a lot of debris into the air and smoke. My vision was reduced. Just before I was cloaked in smoke I saw Gimely use Gavin's mech as a stepping stone and leaped into the fray.

'It seems it's always: "Out of the frying pan into the fire." For us.' Gavin said over the radio.

I agreed. 'Yea. I guess it's our fate.' The word just seemed right. In it's own mysterious way. 'Let's do this.'

We also leaped into the attack with almost zero vision.

We're charging towards the gates of hell to fight Hades himself.


I think my last italic line pretty much sums it up.

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