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Monday, 10 September 2007

The Elder's Story


All three of dived for through the doorway covering our heads, we had just made it.

'I told you not to say it' I yelled at WJUK

'Well, I never knew it would happen' WJUK yelled back, 'Besides it's like an unwritten rule for places to explode after killing someone'

'True but....' I was interupted by Gimely who was holding the fuzz-blade and fired a lazer at our feet by accident.

'What? When did you get that?' WJUK asked

'Forget when, why do you get that?' I asked 'Shouldn't One of us get it?

'No, you have Mecha, I need something cool, besides the Claymore wasn't my style' Gimely said

*Cough Cough*

We turned around.

Stood there was a hooded figures

One moved closer and removed his hood.

'LEWIS!?' WJUK shouted 'What are you doing here and with the Strogl'

'It's a long story' Lewis replied

'When you guys left me after defeating DK, I went back to the party which lasted a few more days, then I got kicked out of the City and I walked for days and days, I found a portal and ran in, it was cold, and I froze, these 2 people found me and we created the Strogl'

'Wow, you helped with the Strogl creation, but are you against us?'

I have one thing to say


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