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Thursday, 13 September 2007

Who said we were noisy?! Oh wait... my mistake...

 Today was good to an extent.  In Computing we started doing Excel again.  For shame...

But then things got a little better when about 30 minutes from the end, the teachers tag-teamed out (I don't think we were that bad... were we?) and the new teacher started teaching us VB code.  Yay!  Although it is the out-dated method.  Boo!  We were using VB6 and the newest version is VB.NET; I'm sure I've touched upon this, and since they run and use on a different syntax, the two systems aren't compatible.  Damn.

Also, the teacher dude told us to try and get a hole of VB6.  It's proving to be harder than it sounds.  Despite all my 1337 digging skills (I can usually find whatever I what in 5/10 minutes - using a variety of techniques via the internet) but since Microsoft discontinued production of it BUT they still hold the license to it.  So it can't be distributed by anyway else.  Legally that is...

Ah damn.  I wish they would just announce it as freeware...

Let's see what else happened today...  hm...

Oh and I also had TWO -count it- TWO maths lessons today.  And I wasn't bothered.

Huh?  What?  Yea, I'm still the real me.  No one has kidnapped me.  No, the IMO (Internet Maths Organisation [Not 'In My Opinion]) have no forced me to say such words to bolster support for maths.

I'm actually genuinely enjoying it.  Everyone can relate to each other in their own brain-buster, mind-boggling, boffin kind of way.  Especially the table I sit at.

Regardless of the fact that we had only met each other about 4 days ago, we are getting on EXTREMELY WELL.  In some cases, the teacher would argue, too well.  We spent most of the last lesson today just laughing and talking...

Ah, brings back memories of maths lessons at Wintringham.  It's funny.  I always bring out the worse in people I seem.  And in maths it's no different.  Everyone ends up talking when I'm around.  But in spite of the fact of our continuous blabbering and ROFLing we did still have to do work.  And boy, the pace is relentless.  No joke.

Oh and I've got Media tomorrow - but we're doing a different 'activity' to what we did last time.  So... no monkeys... probably...

Today is 13th September!

What does that signify?  I hear you ask.  Take a guess.  Don't worry, I can wait.


If you guessed: 'Er... it's two days after 9/11.'  Then your right.  Because it is.  But more importantly it's:

Roald Dahl's Birthday


Everyone knows Roald Dahl.  Tbh I only just figured out when I visited Google - but I found out nevertheless.

I remember when I was young reading Roald Dahl books.  They were a source of endless wordy amusement...


Ok, I may be lying about that.  I spent most of my time when I was young playing video games and generally bashing stuff to death (no seriously, I bashed our old SNES to death).  Funnily enough though despite killing my SNES (it started smoking and my dad ended up throwing it in a bucket full of water... that bucket somehow ended outside the window...) I've still got my NES.  Awesome.  SMB3 is still on it.  Sweet.  There's also a really old SW game or something there.  And also a Game Genie... hehe... I like cheating.

But anyway, Roald Dahl's b-day.  Remember it well, because... er... because... he was born on this day several years ago.

Since I am a lazy-ass and a procrastinating b****** I can't be asked to do the story today.  I have already pre-made a number of excuses:

  1. I'm tired.
  2. I can't be asked.
  3. I have to wake up early tomorrow.
  4. I'm yawning.
  5. I'm close to sleeping.
  6. I feel myself dropping in and out of consciousness...
  7. I can't feel my legs anymore.
  8. My fingers have gone numb due to excessive typing.
  9. I have... er... leprosy...
  10. I'm tired.

I think 10 reasons are enough, right?

Anyway, be seeing you again tomorrow.  Where -hopefully- a new installment of the story will become available.

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