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Tuesday, 4 September 2007

Hi-Ho, Hi Ho...

Dammit, that little limerick has been stuck in my head for the whole day.

It all started when I was woken by my sister who was singing it.  Albeit a revised version of the one found in Disney's version of Snow White.  Her version went like this:

Hi-Ho, Hi-Ho.  It's off to work we go.  With a bucket and spade and a hand-grenade.  Hi-Ho, Hi-Ho, Hi-Ho, Hi-Ho...  (repeat)

OMFG!  It's driving me insane.  Good thing she's down stairs right now and I can't hear it.  But I bet when she comes up she'll be singing that.

The current pain my head is feeling is equivalent to being: kidnapped by hockey-mask wearing aliens that like to drill holes into people's brains just to have a look at the gooey-mush inside.  Then they attempt to patch them up again by placing a bomb in their heads...

Basically, it hurts.  So much...

For the last 19 minutes or so, I've been talking to Gavin (across Messenger).  And he's been enjoying college which is good to hear.  He's also told me of some revelations that I cannot help but share:

  • 'i get to make another film in media :P in whitby this time though' -  Making a film in York was awesome, hopefully I'll get to do something like this again in Media Studies at Franklin.
  • 'in biology i get to go to eurodisney:P' -  EURODISNEY?!  I have no idea what Euro-Disney has in common with Biology, maybe they both... like dissecting stuff...  ?  But come on, Euro-Disney!!!  That makes no sense to me at all.  Gavin's explanation:  'we have to go to a few lectures but its mostly for eurodisney'  ...  I hate you.  All I can say is one in Florida is better.   Oh, and you have to pay 185 quid.
  • 'also the people who are doing btec media get to go to beach tomorrow' -  ... Beach... media?  Again, I am outraged (and downright confused) by this pairing.  I took BTEC Media (1st Diploma) and I heard nothing -absolutely squat- about any beach-trip.  That's just unfair.  To add insult to injury: 'they have a sand castle competition'  OMFG...  Gavin's excuse:  'something to do with team building'  But, Gavin doesn't take BTEC Media, so it's all good.  He does A-Level.

But I guess I beat all this having extra holiday!  YAY!  7th is introductory day; which is basically a full day with Leeman and maybe other people (haven't checked up on anyone else) so it's going to be pretty awesome.  And 10th is the official day for me to go to College.

Time for the next installment in the Super Awesome Happy Power Amazing ZOMG WOOT moo series... that has still yet to have a name...  Any suggestions...?

Keep it short and simple, if possible.  Since I'm not going type a long title out everytime.


'Yea, we should makes self-proposed titles.'  I said as Gavin walked over to pick up the sword he threw away.

He looked towards me and finally noticed the various cuts across my body.  'Looks like you had a rough time.'

'Yea.  That dude used some underhand tactics.  But these wounds are nothing serious, I'll be fine.'  I said as I sat on the floor.  Trying to replenish my lost energy.

'How's Gimely doing?'  Gavin asked me as he looked towards the continuing fight.

I spoke with my eyes closed.  'He's doing ok.  You can go in to help him if you want.'

'Nah.  He'll be fine.'

I opened my eyes again and turned towards the fight between Gimely and the white-armour wearing Strogl.  They seem to be engaged in witty banter as they're fighting.

'Not bad Usotki the defender.  But not good enough!'  Gimely shouted as he lunged forward with a accurately placed strike aimed towards the neck.

Usotki seemed to block it with ease.  'I told you before.  You're pitiful attacks will not harm me.  My defense is impenetrable.'

That indeed looked try.  His armour was looked slightly denser and he also sported arm shields.

Gimely replied: 'Impenetrable?  No defense is impenetrable.'  Gimely smiled as if he made a joke.  'VIVA LA PENGUINS!'

Gimely shouted as he did a "Cut-back drop turn" behind Usotki.  And slashed from vertically.  Gimely landed behind him, with one knee on the ground.

'Your defense may be impenetrable at the front.  But not the back.'  Gimely declared.  The proud lineage of the penguins unwavering in his voice.  He turned and started to walk towards us.

Not long after Gimely's turn Usotki was split -perfectly- down the middle.  His internal organs spewed out and his brain smudged and fell a few feet away from him.

'Nice.'  Was all Gavin could say.

'Let's go.  We don't have a moment to spare.'  I said as I broke into a run.  The various cuts and bruises I got now felt much better after my rest.  'ONWARD TO THE MAIN CONTROL ROOM!'

Then I skidded to a stop.

'What's the matter?'  The others asked in unison.

I turned around and smiled.  I scratched my heard instinctively then said:  'Er... where is it?'


Now comes the annoying part of navigating this small-country sized enemy ship to the main control room.  Knowing our sense of direction, we probably run about until we find it.


Anonymous said...

Hey :)

You're pretty good at Blogs, have you checked mine out?

I just do them for Comedy Writing, fancy linking mine to your page? I'll do the same for you ;)

How exactly did you get a counter for your page? (I'm new to this website)


WJUK said...

Sure, anyone's welcome on the BlogRoll - you just got to ask.

And the counter I'm using is courtesy of Statcounter.


LEEMAN said...

I got a mention in your blog <3

WJUK said...

Yes, Leeman you will always have a place on this blog.



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