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Friday, 21 September 2007

Aimlessnesses... ?

I'm pretty sure that's not even a word... but meh.

So, anyway today as you may have heard I went to town with Gavin & Ashley.  Which proved as fruitful as... a... er... a dead tree (???).  But anyway, you know how I do things around here.  Chronological order!

Started off with waking up and stuff, boring things that everyone else does too.  Then I had media.  With Ginny - our 2nd media teacher.  We spent the lesson talking about stuff (1 hour of that) and then we got sent into the suite (not the one with loadsa macs in though) and we ordered to get onto blackboard (it's like a place where students can access college information).

It was also funny when they practically begged the students to add them as friends on MySpace.  No, seriously.  They actually did get people to add them to MySpace.

If you've clicked the link you'll have got to their page.  Duh.  Turns out 'Franklin Media' is 17 years old...

I have no idea how they worked that out, before you ask.  And if you scroll down a bit you'll be able to notice that they only have 43 friends.  Now, I think I have more than that; and I don't even have a MySpace account!

Anyway, point is.  I think it was pretty pathetic.  In a round-a-bout, messed-up, college way.

Oh, they also allowed us to start our 500 word essays (which was our homework) in the last 40 minutes or so of the lesson.  And just because I had enough homework to deal with in the weekend anyway, I blitzed the essay.

I ended up with 749 words.  Damn.  I did more than I intended.

But one could say, I cheated...  hehe

What happened was we wrote an essay on this quotes and questions etc.  (It's media, you don't need to understand).  Now, what I did was copy out the quotes and questions than answer them.  So effectively half of what I did was what was already on the sheet!  Hooray for my cleverness!

Also, as a product of my early completion.  I got to leave early!  Hooray for my cleverness!  Meaning, I had extra time to go home and drop of my bag then meet up with Gavin & Ashley.

So I did that.

We actually met on the main road next to GY college - since they walked very slow.  And we set off on our pointless journey.  No, seriously it was pretty much pointless.

We got to town.  First things first.  Banks.

Ashley happened to withdraw his money first, since his bank was the closest.  Yorkshire Bank.

Yes, out of all the banks he could have chosen (Natwest, Barclays, Halifax, Nationwide) he chose Yorkshire.

It was funny to 'cos down the same street there happened to a "Derbyshire Building Society" and we started discussing if they had gangwars down the very street we walked on.

Next came me and Gavin withdrawing money.  I headed towards Nationwide, while Gavin to Natwest.  Since they were only across the (predestinated) street; Ashley stood in the middle watching...

Watching what?  I cannot say.  As I do not know.

It was also funny since the cash machine as Natwest (for some inexplicable reason) is like 2 ft high.  Gavin had to literally kneel down to get his money.  LMAO.  Priceless.

Then came my aforementioned-in-yesterday's-post thing.  MySims.  I had promised to pick it up.  And pick it up I did.

That was the only thing I had to really do at town.  And turns out Gavin & Ashley came to town for the hell of it too.  So we were left oodles of time to spare but nothing to do.  We ended up walking round full-circle inside Freshney Place.  Until it was finally decided that we take some direction, and what we all had in common at that time was that we were hungry.  So food it was.  Except... we weren't sure where we were going to eat.

But it seems our feet were going to guide us there.  As we miraculously ended up outside Kendalls.  After our stomachs were satisfied we moved on yet again.  To the sweet sweet stall store that sells sweets at the market.  And they sell them for really cheap.  No, I mean really really cheap.  Take for example, one of those Maoam they sold them for:

20 for £1.

Now that's a pretty awesome deal.  Heck, it's a frickin' awesome deal.

I ended up getting 4 packets of Tic-Tac for £1.  Sweet... not just the deal but the sweets too.

Anyway, at this time we seriously had nothing to do.  And ended up walking round again.  And miraculously  (yet again) we find ourselves outside another food-orientated store.  This time it was:


Yes, I know.  That is like the cheesiest name you have ever heard.  But can you guess what they sell?  I already gave you a hint that they sell food.




No?  Well, they sold milkshakes.  And no, not with Blendtec blenders.  Apparently not long ago a blender exploded too (according to Gavin (who was according to his sister) anyway) - but that's another story for another day.  Preferably not tomorrow.  Or the day after that.

Well, after Eskimoo it was back home for me.  Seeing as Ashley & Gavin had lessons (HAHA) and be sure, that I gave them a helluva amount of grief about them having lessons.

Not much happened to me at home afterwards.  I came home.  Slumped onto the couch, and booted up MySims for a quick play-through.

I'm not going to bore you with the details or anything, but it's a good game.  Not a brilliant game.  But a good one nonetheless.  I think it could have been better if they spent some more time polishing it.  Since I noticed that quite a lot of times the frame-rate dipped well well well below what it was suppose to be.

But anyway, well worth a rental at least if your into Sims and stuff.  Although it hardly bares any resemblance to the PC versions of The Sims.  In looks and gameplay, for that matter.

Story today?


Reason, I'm tired.

That's a crappy reason.

So.  Deal.

What about Gavin's side of the story?

*shrugs nonchantly* Dunno.

What?!  At least throw me a bone here!

*throws a bone*  Howzat?

I meant that figuratively.

Sounded kinda matter-of-factly to me.

Ah, forget it.

I was planning to.


What?  What was that?



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