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Sunday, 2 September 2007

Breaking the Law...? Never.... *hehe*

Just imagine this scene:

In the ever-crepuscular darkness... 4 figures are running through the dim-lit street. Two of the them are carrying something large...

What is this scene? No it's not a robbery.

It's what I was doing last night. I'll explain...

We were happily doing nothing but watching TV in the living room. An old, damp mattress lays squared-up behind the sofa. We'd been meaning to get rid of it for a while... And suddenly my cousin makes this remark: 'Hey... it's dark outside... let's get rid of the mattress now...'

To be honest, I didn't really want to. Since I was pretty much getting ready to sleep. And I was in a very comfy position. But alas, things are not to be. And in about minutes time I find myself outside (with shorts) and carrying a rather large mattress. Now, I had no idea where we were going to "dispose" of it. And it turned out to be just down the street.

I just thought that it was funny so I posted it. Please don't call the cops... please.

I also went to Hull today. For no reason at all.

We were going to go shopping in the "Prince's Quay Shopping Centre' and in town and stuff. We were only going because my mom had a meeting or something... with the HCA or something. But anyway, I figured might as well.

Turns out that we only had about 1 hour and a half to browse the shops with. And anyone (and I mean anyone) who has gone shopping - without a mind set of buying something - knows that 1.5 hours is not enough. Add in the fact that we had no idea where anything was, the time looked every shorter.

In the end, I bought nothing. Although we did go to the Chinese store and I bought some peanuts and some coke. And I ended up with BLISTERS on my feet. Blisters.

I have never, ever, ever, ever, ever, mañana, mañana had blisters before.

That includes all the times I've been hill-trekking and gone on 10 mile walks. But this time, I did! Insane, right?

To be honest, I wasn't sure what it was at first. Because it's on the sole of my feet and it doesn't actually hurt. This was my first instinctive reaction to it: 'Hey... is that squashed rice on my foot...'

Time for the story.

Oh and a quick word before.

I'm glad that Kate has started posting again. I had really started to think she had fallen off the face of the Earth! LOL. But anyway, enough with the sarcasm. I noticed in her post that Laura has college tomorrow. And in the spirit of a fellow student, I would like to say:

HA HA. No college for me until 7th (officially 10th).

Oh that felt soooo good. I think it's like that for a lot of people who are going to Grimsby. Sweet, I'm going to relish in the 5 (officially 8) days of extra coveted freedom.

Oh and sorry about the Petechia things. Hope they get better soon. I have trouble even pronouncing it in real life.


The corridor was surprisingly large. Large enough to withhold 3 epic battles between it's hallow steel walls. I was facing off with the Strogl wearing blue armour.

I noticed that his armour was bigger and more extravagant than the armour worn by the one back at the docking bay. He carried two larger than the norm claymores in his hands and were spinning them around like they were nothing.

'Interesting...' He said. 'I'm surprised that a mere human got this far.' He spat out the word: human; as if the word would give him the Black Death.

'To be honest... I'm surprised I'm not...' A smirk was drawn on on the blue armour-wearing Strogl's face. 'hungry yet.'

His smirk disappeared immediately. 'You damned brat. Messing with me, huh? Well, let's see whose laughing once your dead!'

'You've never done much of this comeback stuff have you?'



He gave a reputable sigh and drooped his head. I glanced around quickly, Gimely & Gavin were already engaged in their respective fights. 'Hey, wait a minute... I'm not here to talk! I'm here to kill you!'

'And I'm here to kick your ass!' I replied it echoed throughout the wide corridor. 'The name's WJUK.'

'Heh. I don't need to give my name to a dead man.' That was actually a pretty good comeback.

'It's courtesy. Dumbass. And plus, wouldn't you want the name of the person that killed you?' I smiled slyly. He obviously didn't like the whooping he's getting from my words.

He grunted deeply and said: 'Yoravo. Blue Force Captain of the Guard. Some people call me: Yoravo the SpeedSlasher' That sounds like a pretty awesome. 'Let's get this over with.'

He attacked. The speed he came at me was unfathomable. I was barely able to parry his attack.

'Oh? What's the matter? Where's all your confidence gone?' He asked. He's personality had changed. No longer was he a Strogl that was getting annoyed by a person outwitting him. The bloodlust I saw, no. Felt. Was incredible.

I barely blocked another of his attacks when I replied. Trying to cover my breathlessness. 'Heh. It's not gone. I just don't need it against the like of you.'

He wasn't please by that. His attacks grew a little stronger and quicker. But in doing so his accuracy fell. While he was aiming for my vitals before, it seemed like just went berserk.

Even if his accuracy fell; it didn't make his attacks easier to block. It was taking all my concentration to repel the oncoming attacks. Just then Gimely pranced past, narrowly avoiding a strike by the white armour-wearing Strogl.

In that millisecond, I lost concentration. I managed to gain it again, at super-human speed in-fact. But it was too late. His claymore had already traveled to far.

It pierced me. I only just managed to maneuver myself so that it hit my leg.

'Oh? Don't need it, huh? Sounds like someone got cocky.' He let out the evilest grin I had ever seen. 'By the way. My blade is poisoned. You have ten minutes to live.'

'WHAT?!' My head felt like it grew heavier. The blade, indeed, was poisoned. 'That's cheating!'

'There is no such thing as cheating in a fight. Besides, you have a chance of survival. If you manage to kill me and get the antidote within those ten minutes.' He gave off an evil laugh. My eyes grew blurry but I fought back and focused them again. 'The antidote is around my neck.'

I could see it. A clear vial of blue liquid. It seems I do have to kill him before I can get it. My leg was throbbing, the wound seemed fester at an alarm pace. The bleeding had somehow stopped but the pain continued. And it grew worse by the minute...

Yoravo spoke. My hearing seemed to be going as well. 'Well, let's get this over with. HERE I COME!'


Intense. A time-based battle.

Who will win? Will I be able to reach the antidote before my life ends?!

This is truly, a battle to the death.

Oh and by the way. I'm going to Lincoln tomorrow and I have to wake up at 9!!!!

EDIT: And since we all love the Wii on this blog. And also love Resident Evil games. I'm posting this petition!

Resident Evil 5 on the Wii Petition

I'm number 8566! You know you would love RE5 on the Wii!

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