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Saturday, 8 September 2007

<Insert Randomly Witty Title That Exudes Intelligence here>

Yea, I couldn't think of a title for this post.  Which sucks.

I almost missed this post as well.  Because at about 9, I got bored and decided to play Halo: Combat Evolved.  Which I got for free by the way.  So for the last 3 and a half hours or so I've been fragging helpless nOObs as they attempt to escape my killing spree.

Anyway, seeing as nothing more of interest has happened to me today... I figured I'll get right on down to the story.

Scroll down.


'Ok, here's the plan.'  I whispered to Gavin & Gimely.  In typical movie-style; Gurmido stood there just watching us making a plan to defeat him.  Idiot.  'Ok, firstly.  I continuously taunt him so all his attention is on me.  Then you two figure something out and defeat him.'

'...  That's not a plan at all.'  Gavin said.

'You got any better ideas?'  I asked sternly.

'Ah touche.'

I spun back round on my heels, getting a slight head-rush in doing so and shouted:  'Hey!  Big, fat and ugly!  Yea you!  Look over here!'

While I was doing this Gavin & Gimely snuck round to try and flank him.  Gavin was going round the right and Gimely the left.  Gurmido, being the A-class moron that he is, really did concentrate on me.  He continually fired lasers at which I dodge fairly easily once I got into the hang of it.  I just had to predict his movements.

'Oh?  What's that?  Gurmido needs to drink milk from his mother's teet?'  I wasn't even sure if Strogl had teets but it angered him anyway.  He scowled.

'Now Gavin!'  I shouted.

And Gavin leaped towards him with swords drawn.  Aiming at his vitals.  Gurmido was fast, but not fast enough.  He managed to block one sword of Gavin's but the other ended up in his shoulder.  Adding to the injury I gave him earlier.  Gavin placed his feet onto his chest and back-flipped off him.

'Now Gimely!'  I shouted.

And Gurmido, still dazed from Gavin's attack reacted much slower.

Gimely struck his sword into his back and clung on.  Gurmido thrashed about furiously.  His writhing and struggling, however, failed to get Gimely (or the sword) off his back.

'Now, we just have to slice off his head.'


With Gimely planted firmly into his back and multiple injuries that would kill a human.  Gurmido is bound to fall.


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