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Sunday, 9 September 2007

Officially Starting College Tomorrow

Ah crap.  I'm officially starting college tomorrow and I'm somewhat downtrodden by the whole experience so far.  Why?  Because I'm split up from my friends - but I can probably make new ones.  But this is the biggest concern for me:


Yea it sucks.  And I have to wake up at 9 AM EVERY FRICKIN DAY.  Yes, you heard it right.  Monday to Friday, yours truly will have to wake up -before- 9 to get to school.  *sigh*

But all is not lost, since I have an awesome Friday.  And I mean awesome.  I only have one lesson in the morning (Media) and then I get the whole day off!  Sweet!  I tried to move that lesson to some other day but due to their rand-about way of doing things in Franklin it wouldn't work.  No 3-day weekend for me... :(

Enough ranting though.  I'm kinda looking forward to college, it just wasn't what I expected it to be.  I had dreams (not physically dreams) of glorious freedom and late sleep-ins.  And -not forgetting- 3 day weekends.  Heck, I would have settled for 4 ;).

But alas, it was not to be.  As the crappy education system screws me over once again (not sexually, dirt-minded b******) and I am stuck with waking up early Mondays to Fridays.  Damn.

Oh and my heart goes out... to the dudes that got banned until 9999 AD.

Lmao, story from Gamespot here.

Rofl.  Well done Microsoft, amazing stuff.

Seeing as Gavin's buggered off again to prance around Grimsby College or something.  I'm left to do the story again.

I miss the good-old-days where we would sit around talking about random s*** in media (while still managing to get distinctions ~ yes that was how easy media was).  I've decided there we should absolutely have a 10-year later reunion.


I watched -almost hysterically- while Gimely clung on furiously and Gurmido's futile attempts at getting him of his back.

'ARGH!  Get off me you stupid penguin!  You're- You're... draining... my power...'  Gurmido dropped down.  It was like his bones (assuming they have bones) had turned to goo.

Gimely jumped off and held his sword triumphantly towards the sky.  'Huzzah!'  He shouted.  'I the Strogl-Slayer have slain this foul beast.'

'Don't get in over your head.'  I said.


Gavin joined us around Gurmido's lifeless (and boneless) corpse.  'I guess penguins are their weaknesses.'

I had nearly forgotten that, but now that Gavin had refreshed my memory I'm guessing the upcoming fights will be much easier.

Gimely started:  'Anyway, let's get out of here before-'

'Don't you even dare say it.'  I replied harshly.

'Say what?  I was just going to say we should leave before this place blows.'  Damn.

'SELF-DESTRUCT SEQUENCE INTITATED'  That same robotic woman voice.  God do I hate that voice.

'Oh, just great.  What did I tell you.'

We broke into a run and the white room started to turn fuzzy.  Turns out it was a illusion as well.  We were actually in a steel room with one exit at one end.  We made a dash for the exit.

As we got closer the voice began to count down: '10...9....8...'

I noticed a sign beside the door, it read:



Crap, we won't have enough time!


We are nearing our destination but will we make it?

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