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Sunday, 2 September 2007

Woot Intrusion!

'You know, I planned out that arguement between me and Gavin' Gimely said

'It doesn't matter, we were lucky to get away' WJUK said 'We can't afford any mistake like that again'

We were running for what seem a few minutes until a huge alarm went off and the corridor was flashing a vibrent red.

'This isn't good' WJUK said as he drew his swords 'We need to be careful'

I drew my swords and nodded. We both turned and looked at Gimely who was holding a Claymore, probably the one he stole earlier.

'What? Where were you holding that, its like twice the size of you?' I asked.

'In my pouch' Gimely simpley answered

What?!' I yelled

'Nevermind!' WJUK yelled, I looked over to him, he was gone, he had broke into a run, 3 Strogl commander had showed up 'Take one each'

I dashed toward the one with red armour on, WJUK toward the one with blue, and Gimely to the one with white.

The one we fought earlier had green, was this a way to show the ranks among the commanders?

Also these 3 Strogl had swords. All three of us were locked in combat, Gimely with his yoda style , WJUK with his 3 Swords, which he had now mastered and Me with the 2 swords.

The battle was going to be fierce. Who will come out on top

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