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Saturday, 1 September 2007

Boring Day...

It's really been a boring day today.  I woke up at 11 and spent about 2 hours just messing around on my DS.

The Summer Holidays are nearing it's end and to be honest, I'm going to miss lying in bed doing f*** all.  Despite having 11 weeks of this, I'm really not that bothered.  Normally, by this time I'm itching to get back to school just to break the monotony (I know, it sounds absolutely insane but it was true).

Damn, college is going to be hard.  Especially since I'm doing Further Maths - it's equivalent to 2 A-LEVELS!  You heard it.  That means I'll be doing twice as much maths...

Oh well.  What's done is done.

It's the story again.

And remember Uncyclopedia?  Well, there's a series of games over there named "Zork"  (Zork I, Zork II, Zork III).  And it's a text-based adventure game.  And it's actually pretty fun - except being eaten by grues every other panel.  Damn you Grues!  Maybe I'll be able to get something like that up on the blog.  It'll be pretty cool.

Here's the Zork games by the way: 


I'm seriously thinking of implementing something like this.  I'd be awesome.  But as to how to do it... anyone any ideas?


We zipped speedily through the barrage of on-coming gun firing.  We took to the controls rather quickly, and despite pressing the off button the autopilot still helped in some ways.

We finally reached the dock station of the mothership and to the right hand side of the entrance there was a large "595" painted in blood red.  Probably means this is docking station 595.

'Looks like we've got a welcoming party...'  Gavin said.  Pulling my stare back towards the entrance.  Indeed we have.

There in the docking bay stood a platoon of Strogls with what looks like a commanding officer.  Interestingly enough, they haven't started firing yet.

We landed and we're greeted by these warm words:  'Get out of the ship with your upper appendages in the air.  Also drop all your weapons immediately.'

We complied.  What else could we have done?

I walked out of the ship and dropped my katanas and guns.  I could see Gavin & Gimely doing the same to my right.

Gimely spoke in a sarcastic tone.  'Don't be such a bore.  Heh.  Great, now I'm going to die on a place I've never seen before and killed by a race that I can hardly pronounce!'

'Shut up Gimely.  You wanted to come on this adventure in the first place.'  Gavin replied.

'No I didn't.'  Gimely replied frustratingly.

'YES YOU DID!'  Gavin replied.  This sequence of speech continued.  By the 4th repetition the Strogl attempted to butt in and stop them.  It didn't work.  By the 5th repetition Gavin & Gimely had resorted to hand-to-hand combat.  Rather reluctantly, I thought.  By the 6th repetition 3 Strogl have joined in and attempted to separate the two.  They fail.  By the 7th repetition 5 others join in.  Now's my chance.

As most of the Strogl are concerned by the ensuing fight I took my chances.  Gimely & Gavin had created an opening for me and I intended to take it.

I glanced quickly and noticed only the two right-most guards were keeping an eye on me.  And they were doing it half-heartedly too.  The rest had forgotten about me.

I quickly did a rolling dive to grab my two swords.  The roll was quiet, and couldn't be heard over the argument.  One of the Strogl noticed my rash movement and was about to shout.  I ended his life before he could.  The other was still oblivious to all this; he died not long after.  His head hitting the metal ground with a low thump.

I acted quickly and instinctively now.  Like a natural predator born to hunt, I ran quietly towards the back of the commanding Strogl officer.

In one quick swift movement I managed to position my blade at his neck and grasped him firmly so he couldn't move.

'STOP!'  I shouted.  'Drop down your weapons.'

The crowd immediately stopped.  The Strogl looked over, bemused by the voice that was echoing orders out to them.

'Gavin, Gimely.  We're out of here...'


We're slowly making our way towards the main chamber... or something.

What other surprises lay in-store for our terrific trio?

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