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Tuesday, 18 September 2007

Second day of the Second week

Yes, it is indeed the second day of the second week that I have been at Franklin.  I can finally take a step back and look at the larger picture.  That is, of course, before taking a breather and rejoining the hectic ongoing of daily student life.  And the works finally start to pile up.  I just finished doing my first media homework (a 300 word essay) and it wasn't that hard.  But enough to have kept me occupied for about half an hour.  And to think in A2 I'll be doing MORE of this.  I can't believe those lazy b*stards of at GY are getting hardly any homework at all - well, I guess it's because the courses they are taking our only equivalent to 3 A-Levels.  Well, Daisy's is anyway not sure about anyone else.

Today was quite a fascinating day.  Since I only had one real lesson.  Maths.

Ah yes, one of the most dreaded subject of all time.  One of the most recurring themes in horrible nerdless nightmares.  Sorry, I'm just spouting random nonsense now.  But anyway, maths was also fun today.  Although Rob managed to end up being 10 minutes late.  Even though he came in with his moped gear (with helmet and everything) he tried to pull the (now legendary): 'I was in the library...' trick.  To nobody's surprise (except Rob's) it didn't work.

One of the most humorous things I have seen today.  After maths I met up with a bunch of people from Wintringham (my old school, remember?) and we went on walkabout.  First, towards the refectory which turns out was only Belcher needing a piss.  Then we walk back.  And we spent our 15 minute break just traversing the packed hallways of Franklin, but boys being boys we used that time to also catch up on what everyone has been getting up to lately.  And it seems, nothing much.

Then after that I had tutor.  Not much to speak of here.  Again.  We got to leave early (a helluva lot early).

Then I went home.  Yay!  Being so close to college rawks.  It's like a dream come true.  But anyway, at this point I had plans to go to town but after some rather convincing arguments by my mother I didn't.

What did she say? You ask?

Well, let's just put it in simple layman terms.  Apparently, she won a 1000 pound gift voucher.  Nice.  She urged me to wait until it we get the voucher so I can spend it on stuff instead of wasting my money.  Damn, that was a good argument.

I already thought up a list of things I'm going to buy:

  • XBox 360 and a bunch of games.
  • Possibly a laptop or desktop.
  • My sister wanted a DS...

At this point my list was cut off.  By a simple thought.  I checked back up on the letter saying that we had won a 100 pounds gift voucher.  And according to my mother it was indeed a 1000 pounds gift voucher.  That's good.  Except...

It doesn't state what kind of gift voucher it is.  For all I know it could be a gift voucher to Lidl (just think of the amount of things I'll be able to buy from Lidl with 1000 quid!  I could practically buy the whole market chain!).

But I don't mind.  It is, after all, a voucher.  So at least I can buy something with it will be good.

But anyway, I'm rambling on again.

Daisy suddenly started to IM me today.  And this is the actual chat transcript (no seriously, no joke):


Daisy says (3:08 PM):

*   - John - Check my Blog     - [ Now with over 4900 hits!] says (3:08 PM):
er... ok

Daisy says (3:08 PM):

*   - John - Check my Blog     - [ Now with over 4900 hits!] says (3:08 PM):
u dont have to go al caps-locky

Daisy says (3:08 PM):
oh I do

*   - John - Check my Blog     - [ Now with over 4900 hits!] says (3:08 PM):
... ok

Daisy says (3:09 PM):
I made mike take that pic of me off
*   - John - Check my Blog     - [ Now with over 4900 hits!] says (3:09 PM):
oh too bad

Daisy says (3:09 PM):

*   - John - Check my Blog     - [ Now with over 4900 hits!] says (3:09 PM):

Daisy says (3:09 PM):
I do not want to be in anymore of your blogs

Daisy says (3:10 PM):
I don't even see you

*   - John - Check my Blog     - [ Now with over 4900 hits!] says (3:10 PM):
well it probably wont be, since i never see u anymore

Daisy says (3:10 PM):

*   - John - Check my Blog     - [ Now with over 4900 hits!] says (3:10 PM):
gavin may hav sum stuff to say bout u tho

Daisy says (3:10 PM):
I see gavin now and again

*   - John - Check my Blog     - [ Now with over 4900 hits!] says (3:10 PM):
Daisy says (3:10 PM):

*   - John - Check my Blog     - [ Now with over 4900 hits!] says (3:11 PM):
*shrugs* just figures

Daisy says (3:11 PM):
I hope franklin is boring (Y)

*   - John - Check my Blog     - [ Now with over 4900 hits!] says (3:11 PM):
actually its not
our maths lessons remind me of the maths lessons in wintringham... just talking

*   - John - Check my Blog     - [ Now with over 4900 hits!] says (3:12 PM):
and then media, we've done NOTHING but talking


There's more to the conversation to it than this.  But these 4 minutes just shows how insane my conversation are.  Daisy automatically, having made no contact with me for 3/4 months, starts of practically shouting (IM-wise) at me.  Just to get that stage (that we tend to naturally progress through) over.

I end up talking to her for a little under an hour.

We talked about some crazy stuff.  Including having a 10-year and 1-year reunion of Winnie Students.  And now I'm considering to go to GY on Friday just to see how everyone is doing over there.  But you know... it's quite a long walk from Frankling to GY.  It's like 10/15 minutes.


That's like a whole day's exercise!

I'll also try and get people to come with me.  Although I'm unsure if they have lessons or not (actually I'm unsure whether I'm going at all).  But Daisy especially expressed her opinion to stop Leeman from coming.

Daisy says (4:01 PM):
if you do, try and bring people with you but NOT LEEMAN

As you can tell by the "caps-locksity" (and downright animal behavior) of the last two words.  Daisy sincerely wishes Leeman not to come with me to see them.  Meh, it's ok I guess.  Since he'll probably have a lesson.  But if he doesn't and he wants to come... I won't be able to stop him.  Got that, Daisy?

But anyway, it's still uncertain whether not it's even going to happen.

Oh and uber-massive-gargantuan-super-duper-amazing-happy-awesome-special-OMFGWTFOMGZOMGMOO!-attack news!

If you know me at all; I'm quite the avid gamer.  And just today SSBB (Super Smash Brothers Brawl), a game I'm anticipating to the point of bursting my gut, has been officially announced to be:

... *builds up tension*


OMFG!  That's great news!  The only possible news that would have been better than that would have been: 'SSBB release date for UK announced:  TOMORROW!'  But there's probably more chance of me being as playable character in SSBB than there is a chance of that happening.  Actually, it's more possible that the game corrupts, releases out a multitude of unbeatable SSBB super-viruses that plague the internet causing every computer to instantly and simultaneously explode on contact and then the game imploding on itself.  Then the possibility of it coming out tomorrow... in the UK.

Anyway, if you want to know more about it than follow this link:


I'm just going to let the thing speak for itself.

No witty comment.

No random banter.

Just SSBB...



Can I get a HUZZAH?!  Just once?

I believe there were suppose to be something else I was going to post about but due to the spectacular news from SSBB and general shouting from Daisy.  I seem to have forgot.


Anyway, though.

Here's the story.


But before that, I've just one thing to note.  Again, great minds think alike.  Super-gattai sequence.  BUT Gavin forgot one of the most important things in the transformation sequence.  Hell, this bit is almost as important as the transformation itself...


And it's the:  Name-calling.

Yea, everyone does it.  It's an industry standard.  It's to be expected from anything with big mechs in.  The back ground changes and the someone (preferably the pilot(s)) shout the name of the mech.


How the hell did Gavin forget that.  But no worries.  We will right that wrong.  And just for fun I'm going to add a 'Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann' Reference.

Here it comes.  You best be ready.


'But before the attack.  We missed the most vital part.'  I said to Gavin.

'The most... vital part?'  Gavin asked back quizzically.

I smiled faintly.  'Yes.  The most vital part.'

'Oh!  That vital part.'  Gavin also smiled.  I could see him in the HUD.

Lewis looked concerned.  'The... most vital... part...?'  Lewis muttered.  I could barely hear him but I read his lips.

'Yes.  The most vital part.'  My smile widens until it encompasses my whole face.  'HERE IT COMES!'

'Heaven and Earth.  One Body.  One Soul.'

'Master Moon Berserker: Vulcan Ninja!'

And with that I use the controls to strike a overly exaggerated anime-like pose where the background changes and everything.  Basically, it looked awesome.

Lewis having seen our impressive display of ultra-awesomeness.  Was almost shocked into falling right on his arse.  'That cannot be... that power... impossible.'  The horror seen on his face made it look incomprehensible.  He shakes his head violently from side-to-side to regain his composure.  'Strogl!  Attack!'

'So, it starts.'  I said.

'Now, it's time to do the attack right?'  Gavin asked.  'Wait, why do I even have to ask.  Of course it is.'

The Strogl continued to move ever closer.  We didn't move.  They got closer and closer.


'Demon Devil Bats Aura!'

Instantly, a luminous black aura manifested around the mecha; it resembles a pair of bat wings.

'Here.  Is where you die.  Lewis.'  I said.  The aura grew ever stronger, the two giant Strogl were pushed back by the killer-intent in the aura alone.

'With these wings we are the messenger of the dead.  Demons of our generation.  We will not hesitant for any instance, even if it were to fly to hell itself!'


Sweet!  We're finally throwing some names out there.  The name of the mecha was finally decided through joint cooperation with Gavin.

AND we finally have ideas for names.  Although!  Because we are awesome people; Gavin came up with the idea of letting you lot choose the name!  Amazing, right?

Just check out the poll on the right!  If you have a better name post your suggestion in, if I think it's suitable I'll consider extending the poll time... or something.  Possibly even reset it with an extra variable.



Note:  Gavin has voted for 'Junction Swords' and I have voted for: 'Giant Ninja Psycho Robots'.  What else would it be?

Be seeing you.


Anonymous said...

Jesus, what was that bint talking about in those IM's?

What an idiot, Leeman has done NOTHING.

Good blog though, I'm psyched for SSBB too.

You should get a 360, they're awesome :)

WJUK said...

You should have seen the aftermath...
not pretty... not pretty at all.

First, Daisy talked to me then it was Leeman. I got to hear both sides of the story.

SSBB is going to be awesome. If I had the money now I'll have already pre-ordered it.

I've actually been considering getting a 360 for ages now. And ever since the price drop I've been even more convinced! But I don't want the core system - I compare the core system to filler. At least I want the premium system. Since I'm probably going to use XBL and everything. ;)


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