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Sunday, 30 September 2007

Kate's Party: The pictures... Ugh...

Well, I promised them and here they are. Directly from Kate's camera. And included in this awesome package of awesomeness photos comes my witty commentary about it. Nice, right?

Ok, well first up.

Well, what can I say about this photo? It truly captures the essence of the party. First I'm pretty sure this was just after Kate and Lewis jointly smashed a bottle on the ground. Belcher doesn't look so bothered though. And since this is a party people laugh at stuff like this; any other time and it's normally frowned upon (oh! Except in mobs! But anything goes in mobs).

... I believe that's Kate's bed. I'm sorry Leeman, it just had to be posted. I'm sure you won't mind. :)

Besides you look so comfortable there. A lot better than what I was doing.

... No comment...

Let's just keep it as: "I was wasted.smile_eyeroll" K?

Unfortunately due to some unforeseen circumstances that are out of my control... I have no received any videos that I can edit and display on this beautiful page.

Now, you lot being the bunch of whining b*stards you are, you'll want excuses to make up for your loss of not being able to see "epileptic time" or something like that. So, I'll do even better, here's a whole plethora of excuses:

1) Kate CBA

2) I CBA

3) My computer was infected by a virus, but should be ok now. So, I spent the day virus scanning etc. instead of i.e. getting the video.

4) Kate's doing homework.

5) It's a Sunday. A day of rest.

6) I'm tired.

7) Procrastination rules.

Howzat for excuses, huh?

There are more photos but the numbered excuses explains why I can't get them. So... tough s*it.

If you thought that you would have been laughing at our antics in moving image, well, you thought wrong. So HA!

Although, if you really are interested about the videos and pictures you can either:

A) Ask Kate.

B) Wait a while. I'm bound to get them soon.

Ok... so the story...

The premise for the following bit of story comes from Gavin - and it's a helluva idea. My idea was no where near as good as what he was thinking of - hell, I actually didn't even have an idea!

So, thank your lucky stars that Gavin is also writing the story. But I recall him saying that he'd also blog about the party. Oh well. Life goes on regardless...


The expression on Lewis' face was priceless as he struggled to comprehend the situation.

'I-I-Impossible... How can this be?!' Lewis said, somewhat solemnly. 'If he's here then... how can I be...?'

I got up and dusted by clothes. 'Heh. Well from what we've learned from traversing these portals is that: There are parallel dimensions. When one things happening in one dimension, something totally opposite could be happening in the next. For example, in one the whole world is peaceful yet in a separate dimension that very place wages war against gigantic monsters. You should know and understand this too...'

Gavin joined me and we stood side-by-side staring down Lewis and his bloated head.

I looked towards Gimely and I know saw fully the person he had fumbled along behind him. I smiled towards Gimely in a: "You did better than I expected." way. He returned it by nodding emphatically "obviously".

There wavering in the light beside Gimely was:


Indeed. Gimely had managed to somehow brought Lewis, the Lewis that we know and love, into this dimension. Confronting the hideous deformity that stands before us. Although it looked like he was not fully aware of the situation. Which is to be expected, he just got dragged into something that is probably beyond his comprehension.

But the Lewis that stood before us was different. Aged by his terrible will and repugnant mind, he truly understood what was happening.

And he wasn't taking it well...


I wonder what's going to happen? Will this distort the space-time-continuum of matter causing the current dimension to aplode into a million pieces? Who knows...

But damn! I thought I removed the worm that had infected my computer via Messenger but obviously I hadn't. It just started again opening windows to all my contacts and sending this link that will also infect them. God, this is annoying.

Anyone have any ideas how to remove it? I've already virus scanned my whole computer using Avast and I don't think it did the trick.

UPDATE: Yea! After many a hour of slaving away at the dreaded machine trying to rectify the mistake... I have finally done it! Yippee! Funny, after all the virus scans, deleting, moving, regediting etc. ALL IT TOOK WAS:


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