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Monday, 1 October 2007

Headaches Galore

Ack, today I've been having a headache for the WHOLE F*CKING DAY.  And as you can clearly see, it has not made me a happy bunny.  What makes it worse was that I was having a maths lesson with a headache.  Anyone who has taken maths before will understand how undeniably painful that was.

At least you had a bunch of people conversing around you and laughing in maths, right?


Because the teachers (finally) decided to split out table up.  And these system does in fact increase work rate and what not... but where's the fun in that!  We came to college to have fun (and receive EMA) instead of "increasing our work rate."  Pft, absurd.

So yea, there's going to a lot less Mr Quadratic and laughing in maths now.  It has become a solemn place.

You could say that it's an end of an era.  Albeit a pretty short one, but it's an end no less.

It's funny too, since Suhaib pretty much needed me to survive the class.  Since I pointed out all his silly (and simple) mistakes.  No, seriously it's true.  For example, multiplying a negative by a negative:  he would sometimes forget or totally miss out that it becomes a positive number.  And it's up to me to point out why we got different answers.  But now it's all gone.

We also got a long-ass lecture by Yvonne about the state of our Inequalities homework.  She spent half of the lesson droning on and on and on and on and on and on and on.  Lemme tell you, that did not make my headache better.  Not in the slightest.

There were some funny bits in when she was explaining to Suhaib that her name was: 'Yvonne' not 'Evon.'  LMFAO!  Then later she tried to TIMES ELEPHANTS TOGETHER.  Yup, she's insane.  But aren't most mathematicians.  Take Einstein, widely-renowned as the best mathematician the Earth has ever seen, that didn't change the fact that he liked hacking people's legs off.  People just tended to *overlook* this fact.  Don't believe me that he liked hacking foots?  I have proof!

Watching the whole video is not necessary but it adds to the hysterical humour of this post.


Direct link here.

So yea, what would you do to get your hands on a flying car?

More pictures from the ever-popular Kate's party.  Oh and quick news about the video.  I'd like to say that I'll get it tomorrow since Kate's burning it onto a disk and handing it to me.  Instead of sending it.  But knowing my past relations with schedules and promises... it'll probably be next year that you'll see the video.

Lol, no only joking.  I'm not that bad.

Oh and it's definitely a must watch since it includes Tom, Lewis, Alex & co. dancing.  It's amazing.

Here's the first picture and it's hilarious.

Magical.  I'm surprised that didn't happen to me when I... you know... went to meet up with the sandman (...?).  I'm unsure what it says on Belcher's forehead but you can count on it being derogatory of some kind, not to mention just plain funny.  I heard it also happened to Leeman.  But I'm also unsure about that, since I was out at that point...  I think.


Moving swiftly on.  Next we have this lovely - yet fashionable - photo of... er... people.  Enjoy.

OMFG!  This photo was BIG.  And I mean big.  2592x1944.  Hint:  Click on the picture to see it in all it's beastly glory!

Ok let's do a person run-down.  Starting from the far-left.

Me, Leeman, Gavin.

Coming in a row.

Chelly, Mike, Gavin.

At the front right is Kate.

Yup, quite a lot of people to pack into the picture.  To be honest I don't even know who took the picture.  And I certainly have no idea whatsoever on what Gavin is doing.  Beer's up!  Or something like that.


Next up in our barrage of photos.  Gavin.

Another BEASTLY picture.  Weighing in at the same  size of the previous one.  And you can obviously see the burly Gavin in the photo.  Rar!  Unfortunately, the camera is angled to far upwards to be able to see the wood-burner.  Not much to add except... ROFL.  Gavin takes the cake of worst pose.  Oh, and clicking on image can also produce the bigger version.


And finally, the last photo Kate has sent me.  Lewis, this time.

Another burly pic.  This time from our very own Lewis.  You can just see that he's been practicing that post in front of the mirror many times.  You see that plaster he has near his neck.  Well, he got another mole removed.  That's his THIRD.  I got to say though, not paying for any of the "treatments" is a thing worthy of praise itself.  But anyway, he had another plaster on his forehead for his other mole.  Nice Lewis... just nice...

As before, clicking on it produces the BEASTLY VERSION.


It seems we have many contestants for the "Worst Picture of the Party" award.  And nominees include:

  • Myself
  • Gavin
  • Lewis

That's quite a feat.  Three nasty looking poses in one party.

A final word on the video.  Tomorrow, don't forget.  Obviously, since you loved my awesome 1337 editing skills the previous times with the videos, this video is no exception.  It'll be getting a little touch-up.

Story?  No.

Gavin first.


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