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Saturday, 13 October 2007

Blazing Angels

So, Friday.  The awesome one-lesson day for me; and town-walkabout day.

Firstly, the media lesson.  Since I do things chronologically around here.  Not a lot to talk about, just one bit really.


Which, now that I think about it... is still in my bag.  Probably festering or something.  But the situation which I acquired it in was rather hilarious.  I'll explain:

In the lesson we used the Tesco Value Bourbon Cream Biscuits as a thing to analyse.  And seeing as I thought the biscuits looks depressed because they're not filling their life's purpose.  I decided to make their (and my) wish come true.  I ate them.  I swear I heard: 'YAY!' when I placed the first biscuit in my mouth...

But anyway, at the start of the lesson there were two pack.  Each with about 20/30 each.  Then half-way through the lesson both the packets of biscuits just appeared on my table.  I had one for pretty much the whole time.  Not long after, the first packet was finished (and the packets are a pain in the ass to open; may I add).

And this goes on, until the second pack is pretty much all gone.  Except for maybe 9/10 biscuits left.  At the end of the lesson I stealthily -like a toxicated ninja- I crept across the room, springing about like a demented monkey to reach my ultimate goal...

Ok, so maybe I just nonchantly walked across to where the biscuits doth reside.  But I thought I'd spruce things up a bit.  I picked it up and walked towards the door.  Now, here's what really made it funny.

I walked past Ginny (media teacher for the lesson) and I actually held the pack of biscuits in front of me and said: 'Thanks.'  And she replied: 'No problem.'  I swear she had no idea why I said it, but who cares!  I got biscuits!  On my way out I shared it with a few people.  Since I am so generous (and I felt slightly sick from all the biscuits anyway).

Hm... maybe Ginny deliberately wants me to take it since it has a slow-reacting poison that-




*Respawns*  - You probably won't get that.  That's what Gavin thinks happens to people when they die in RL.

What was I talking bout?  Nevermind.  Let's just move onto town.

It started off with walking towards cash-converters (for no apparent reason).  Ashley was talking about a £60 PSP or something, but I wasn't really listening.  Although they did have some awesome guitars and drum-kits there.  I also noticed they put out the black drum-kit and not the red one.  Clever.

But after looking around and not buying anything we finally made our way towards town.  When we got there, we only had an hour left because Gavin had lesson.  Which sucks.

But I think we went to Eskimoo first.  Then the chicken shop, then to the bank.  Oh wait, we also walked through Woolworths.  Which, by pure chance, made us come face to face with the Wii version of the game demo in Gamestation.  And it was only £15!!!  Gamestation was selling it for £25!  Holy ******** with a cheese on top.  ****.

So, equipped with this knowledge we walked pretty quickly, towards Gamestation.  When we got to about 10 feet away, Gavin suddenly broke out into a run.  Screaming:  'For excalibar!' in the process.  I followed suit, running while shouting:  'For the glory of the Kingdom!'  Ashley also joined him by saying:  'Yo!  Motha-f*cker!'  pretty loudly.

Nah, that didn't happen.  But I wish it did.  No, we just ran into Gamestation.  But there was quite a crowd there (it was Friday lunch), so I had the edge.  With my size, agility, nimbleness and low centre-of-gravity; traversing the crowd was easy.  So I got there first.  Followed by Gavin.  Ashley missed out.

We started playing and -at this point- we were unsure whether or not the game was Blazing Angels (the Wii game we saw in Woolworths), Ashley asked someone.  And indeed it was.  So, Ashley decided to go to Woolworths to buy the game while we stayed there to mess around on the 360.  He came back, buying the game without a hitch.

Afterwards, after also finding the game enjoyable I decided to go buy the Wii version.  And you will not believe what happened next:

A giant spacecraft of gargantuan proportions, piloted by a genetically-modified race of superhumans-

Ah, forgot it.  It's too late to be making up stories.  Plus, the true story is even more preposterous:

I went to pick up the game with Ashley (who got money from Gavin to pick up the game), while Gavin went to the bank to withdraw some money.  And since he destroyed the ATM outside earlier that day, he had to go inside NatWest.  We got there and we picked up two copies of the game and Ashley -in a moment of utter intelligence- says:  'I would ROFL in my pants if there was only one game left.'

Guess what?

Yea, there was one game left.  Damn Ashley and his all-knowing, all-seeing (the future) ways!

Apparently they got new stock in today but they (and I quote) 'hadn't been bothered/had the time to check...'  OMFG.  That's not how it's meant to go.  We're suppose to receive the game and prance away like the happy bunnys we are.  So, since there was one game left I thought.  To hell with it, I'll just buy this one.  Gavin can come back later for his.

For this next part, I need you to see this:

Yea, its the boxart for BA on the Wii.  This is very important, k?  Remember that.

So, I decided to get the remaining game.  But it was not meant to be.  She asked me my age and I said '16'  seeing as there is no point to lie about being 18 or anything.  And then she replies:  'Oh sorry.  I can't sell you this game.'


Apparently on the till it said: '18+'.  Despite the fact that it says 12+ on the boxart and everything.  As you can obviously tell, this was hard to believe.  I almost broke into a frenzied charge at the woman (with which I would have been shouting: 'ARGH!  YOU WON'T LIKE ME WHEN I'M ANGRY!'

But seeing as their was no point in beating up a 40 year-old cashier for a game (and getting a jail sentence and criminal record in the process).  I walked away.  We met up with Gavin again and he didn't believe it.  But then it hit me.  I still had Super Paper Mario in my bag.  So I ran off towards GameStation and got the game!  Hurray!

The thing is too, I managed to get the game for free!  And in return, I got a 1p store credit thing.  Think of the possibilities...

Amazing.  I like how GS work.

And having played the game on the Wii now, I've got to say that the graphics aren't as good (obviously) but I enjoy it.  It's kinda cool to control the plane by tilting the Wiimote (which is my preferred method of control).  So, I would say give it a rent just to see if you like it or not.


Oh and by the way.  One song has been stuck in my head for the whole f*cking day.  Seriously, I'm not joking.  It's because the following advert was the last thing I caught on TV before I had to go to college:

So for the whole day.  My head has been going:  'Lemon tea, Lemon tea' repeatedly over and over again.  With some differentiation sometimes (i.e. one time it sounded like a demented monkey screaming in pain).  But it was like torture.  The only thing worse than being locked in a room with this being played continuously is if I was locked in a room with that crazy frog song.

Ah crap.  Now I've got the crazy frog song in my head.

Damn you advertisers.  Damn you...

It's time for 'Junction Swords' the story feature unique to this blog, and this blog only.

All I've got to say for Gavin's turn of events was... it's different.  I was actually thinking of something else.  But I can still do it with the black hole thing now.  So, enjoy:


'So what do we do?'  Gavin asked me.  Well, I do tend to make most of the decisions and the plan-making.  It's a fact, in a group there will always be a decision-maker... and ultimately a retard.  And in TV shows, there will always always always be a black guy (possibly even an Asian guy) in the group.

'The only thing we can do...'  I said with a smirk.  Gavin joined in with the smirk.

'Ok, I'll get the others.'  And he ran off.

Leaving me to gaze into the dark abyss of the portal.

I wonder where it leads...

While I was thinking about this, Gavin had managed to round up Gimely and Lewis.

'We're all set to go.'  Gavin said.  I nodded and began to walk towards the portal.

'WAIT!'  Before I could take two steps, I was stopped in my tracks.  Who was it?  It was the woman (who I have forgotten the name off).  She ran towards us breathlessly.

'What is it?'  Lewis asked curiously.

She regained her composure and said: 'Thanks.'

I replied: 'No problem.'  I jumped through the portal, so that we wouldn't be delayed by other pleasantries.  Gavin followed not long after, then Gimely and finally Lewis.

This portal was different.  It seems we were going to a much further place, as as we were 'in transition' for a helluva long time.  But finally we saw the light at the end of the tunnel.  And leapt through.

What would we find?  The look-a-likes were there.

'You took your sweet-ass time.'  The look-a-like of me said.

'HAHA!  It even talks like you!'  Gimely shouted out loud and began laughing.  Lewis joined in.

'Enough chatter.  Let's get going.'  Gavin's look-a-like expressed (rather monotonously, may I add).

Gavin & I nodded.  And we walked off, leaving Lewis and Gimely momentarily.  Before they caught up with us again.

Where were they taking us?  And where the hell are we?


A lot of questions that are left unanswered.  Hm... I'm thinking a plot-defining moment soon.

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