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Tuesday, 2 October 2007

Videos anyone?

Hooray! I have finally got the videos into my grasp. Turns out there were two and due to time constraints I've only uploaded (and edited) one. Sorry bout that.

You have no idea how much trouble I went to, just to get that disk. First of all because I was let out of tutor early I had to wait 30 minutes. I know! That's insane!

Luckily, I found Leeman & Belcher in the learning resource center library and we just hung out. Belcher was doing his homework (HA!) and Leeman and I had to wait for him as we were going to the Sandwich bar later. 10 minutes passed and we were finally on our way. Yada yada. Met Josh, talked. Met Beavis, stole chips. Still waiting for Leeman (since there was a long line)... yea you get the idea.

Then I -wait for it- jumped over a fence. Yes I did. Just to reach my ultimate goal of this little disk. That was my whole exercise quota for the whole year.

I saw Kate -stood right in front of the door, in fact- with her friend. My immediate instinct was to show the palm of my hand with the "gimme gimme" pose. She handed me the disk and I was away! I don't even think I said thanks, so here it is Kate: 'Thanks.'

So I've rambled on long enough.

Without further adieu! I present to thee the video:

Because I'm such a nice person here is the video in YT format: YT VERSION

Insane, right? Well that was quite early on -as the party poppers were still in use- and from then on things just got crazier.

And I got to say, I'm pretty impressed by the bit I did at the beginning... despite it taking forever to do. I've learned my lesson, never ever ever do something like that using Windows Movie Maker.

Nonetheless, it's still fun to do. Brings back memories of editing the York film...

Anyway, as I stated above the second video should be coming to you tomorrow... it all depends on whether or not I can be asked. But to keep you busy until that time...


Yes, it's what you think it is. "Crazy Dancing Belcher & Lewis" in GIF format. So it's easily embeddable to display pictures, or onto blogs! Just spread the word! LMAO. It's taken directly from the second video - which is shot later than the video above, just shows how things kinda went downhill... but it was fun.

So from that GIF you know roughly what to expect from the second video. I have watched it yet (remember: time constraints) so I can't pass judgement whether it's better or not. But it's going to be awesome regardless... I think. Yea, people were really rawking out that night.

By the way, Kate. I'm keeping your disk. :P

Since I cba to give it back to you.

Due to Gavin being a lazy b*stard and not posting. The story is delayed by another day.

His response: 'ok, i will posted tomorrow morning or later tonight if i have time'

Great. LOL. Have fun and take care now. See ya!

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