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Saturday, 13 October 2007

Good Evening To All!

It is I, the female correspondent here today with fellow female, Laura!

Yes, we've eaten three bags of jelly beans, washed my hair and watched videos involving awesome comedian Russell Howard!
So yeah, we're not going to sleep tonight, lads! (yes, that was a joke)

I'll allow Laura say a few words now:
Earlier i was sat next to Kate and she was ace.

Aww thank you Laura, you're awfully kind, back in the cage dear.

...And now my face hurts from laughing!

Earlier this evening, my sister and her rowdy friends were playing a drinking game with "Cherry Sourz" shots (whoever had the lowest number on their playing card was the one who drank the shot!)
Laura didn't get involved, she was shy :3
I love Laura.
Like i love Phil Collins.
Which isn't very much.

(i do really - Phil Collins that is.)

So far we've:
- Sat watching 'The Notebook' (that's right, we're female) with a tub of Ben & Jerry's each.
- Enjoyed a fair few lols on Mock The Week & Nevermind The Buzzcocks
- Looked at McFLY things. but that's just stereotypical of us. (by which i mean 'us' to be 'Laura')

^ excuse my poor grammar/spelling, it's time for bed :)

good night all :)

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