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Thursday, 25 October 2007

1 Day till MP3! Ducti contacts me!

Tomorrow. 26th October. Will be an iconic day in UK Gaming history.

Metroid Prime 3: Corruption is coming out. Officially in the UK.

Granted it's been out for about 2 months in North America, but at least we get it before Australia & Japan. So HA! especially at Japan, since they pretty much always get something before us.

I can't wait to get my hands on it and actually try an awesome FPS game on the Wii (Red Steel was kinda... 'meh' for me; the sword fights sucked). Hell, it was the first thing I thought of one I looked at the Wiimote. FPS.

So don't worry if I seem dead for the next few days or so... I will just have Metroid-itsis.

Who doesn't want to play that?! I mean the game, not Samus. You dirty minded b******.

OMFG! You'll never guess what happened. Remember my last post? New Banner, New Wallet!

Well, I was contacted by Ducti! I really never thought that would happen. My last line about it was:

'Make sure someone sends this to the dudes who own Ducti... or Bill Triplett he sounds like an awesome guy.'

And that was only a joke. But it seems someone did tell them (or they found it somehow). And this is the message they sent to me (it was actually sent via the suggestions form at the bottom of the page):

Glad you like the Triplett and the fact that we try to get a bit of humour into our products. Can't wait to tell George our Commercial Director about your blog because he wrote the Ducti text!!


Iain Miller

Managing Director

Ducti UK

Is that awesome or what? See? Some commercial companies do care. How did Ian find out about it... I wonder...

Nevermind, and again I suggest some of you check out some of the products they have on the Ducti website. The produce some quality wallets, that's coming from personal experience. I know I'll be using mine for years to come.

Now... about that bit about being paid for advertising...

EDIT: I've replied to Ducti now. Yea, I know. It was a bit slow of me, but I've been bogged down with work lately... and generally because I only just thought of replying. lol

You may recall that I went to Birmingham yesterday. It was largely a somewhat frustrating affair, due to a number of problems that were out of our control, but it was fun... in a weird and strange way.

We had to wake up early (7 AM!!!) to rent the car. Oh wait, I didn't tell you about that, did I? WE RENTED A 17-SEATER MINIBUS. Yea, that's how awesome my family is. I believe the idea came about on how we were going to transport 14 people down there. 2 cars? 3 cars?


Hell, let's just rent a minibus!

An example of said Minibus (above).

We actually got to Birmingham in record time - remember the fact that we were using a MINIBUS. I think it took us about 3/4 hours to get to Birmingham. But then getting into town was a totally different matter.

We forgot to factor in the fact that Birmingham was a city. And cities have congestion. Especially at 9/10 in the morning. In the end I think we were stuck in one stretch of road for about 2 hours. The horror.

Add in the fact that no one really knew where we were going. So we ended up having lunch at 2. But that lunch was awesome. I stuffed myself silly. Literally.

We also went shopping yada yada. You know the kind.

It was about 4/5 PM when we got to my uncle's house (which was oddly named: 'Dilligaf' ???). That was the real reason we went, since we wanted to check out his new baby - that was born not long ago. And we did.

Unfortunately, due to some clever planning before-hand by me... which fell through. I couldn't get any pictures... yea, I forgot to bring a camera.

Well, said uncle also happened to have an XBox 360. And said uncle happened to have Halo 3...

Except... it was UNPLAYABLE!


Yea, it hit me pretty bad. Turns out his 360 needed a software update or something to play it. Shame. Well, it was copied but ssshhh no one else is meant to know that. We ended up checking out some other games he had.

Call of Duty 3 was a fun choice. We were restricted to playing 2-player games so that more people could join the fray. Needless to say, with my 1337 veteran gaming skills I pwn3d pretty much everyone despite the fact that it was the first time I played the game. The controls were pretty standard for a FPS on the 360, so I picked them up quickly.

Easily the funniest part was when I happened to get my hands on one of those motorbike things which have a extra place to carry passengers. I drove around like a madman and that tactic worked. It was fun mowing people over.

Apart from that not much else happened. I played an assortment of games (Lost Planet, Viva Pinata, Fifa 07 etc.) but none of them really long. We were going to try and play through GoW's campaign mode but never got round to it. For shame...

By the way, we (as in my family) went to KFC today. And somehow we managed to end up spending about £35. It was insane, we ate loads. I'm not even gonna try to list what we ate. But I ate about 6/7 pieces of chicken, 2 pieces of hot wing, several corn of the cobs, ice cream, 3 cups full of Tango and some other stuff I don't remember.

Basically, I'm sort of feeling bloated even now. But boy, was that enjoyable.

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