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Monday, 29 October 2007

2 days until Scarefest!

Yes, two days until that faithful day. Halloween.
And already a bunch of stuff has happened to me.

For any keened eyed users out there this post is coming through Blogger's own service and not Windows Live Writer.
The main reason for that was because:

So, with my awesome 1337 high teccccc-ni-cal computer skills, I had to hook up my other computer to the internet. Yay! For having two computers! For the last few hours or so I've been trying to download my applications again etc. Oh and I've also been talking with Gavin & Daisy... well, more Gavin than Daisy.

She kinda got fazed out of the actually conversation after a while. I guess that's what happens if you she doesn't get PWN3D all the time.

It's funny too. Since we're using NTL (which is now Virgin) when I used the install disk for the Broadband thing (which said it was for MAC anyway) it still worked! Huzzah! And on all the contact information... I winged it! And it still works! Huzzah!

Now, everything is working fine. And because this is a newer computer than my really really old previous computer, everything is actually working even better!

Funny story. As always. I had media this morning and we were suppose to be planning the video for our music video. I may have mentioned this before, but WE HAVE THE WORST POSSIBLE SONG.


Don't believe me? This is the ACTUAL MUSIC VIDEO from YT.

Yes, your eyes did not deceive you. In the video there were BUNNIES GETTING IT ON. And baby bunnies were spawned. I will go no further on the subject matter of the video.

*sigh* We already had our planning lesson and we did f*** all in that lesson but talk. Sure, we talked about the music video. But all our ideas seemed to revolve around -yes you guessed it- MONKEYS.

Don't blame me, it was Kenny. And his meddling PG tips chimp.

Then came Maths which wasn't anything particular to speak off. Just you know, racking my brains out at some horrendous sums.

When I came out I happen to meet up with Leeman and Lewis, who were standing there -gazing at the stars or something- and one of the first things Leeman asks me is: 'So, where's your wallet?'

Turns out that Leeman 'follows my blog' which is always good to have at least one loyal reader. Lewis, on the other hand, understood nothing of what the hell we were talking about, which isn't that big of a deal actually. Since it happens quite regularly.

Thanks Leeman and may the good times roll!
Or something like that.

That about sums up said post.

And about Metroid... er... yea about that indeed. I got some game time on it today. But I'm still on Bryyo. Which sucks.

UPDATE: My inappropriate IM conversation with Gavin & Daisy has taken a dastardly turn for the worse. Somehow we got talking about bases (you know: 1st base, 2nd base, 3rd base, 4th base). And some distressing news came about it.

I'll list most of it here:
  • Daisy has been to EVERYBASE (including 103453th base)
  • She also happened to get to 3RD BASE with her DOG. Yes, you heard that right. Beastiality *shudders*
  • Daisy is equivalent to a TANDEM TRIKE WITH STABILIZERS. Explanation: She gets rode by multiple people and is not very stable... or something.
  • She has now been addicted to Urban Dictionary and their various assortment of definitions. That is, after I told her about it.
  • She is now defining her own 25th base. I told you she creates the bases. And some of them are really really really disturbing. And you have got to be sick to even do them (ala Daisy).
  • She got PWN3D 1189 times in this conversation. That's a new personal best.
That's about as much information I can get. And now I think she's ignoring me.

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