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Saturday, 6 October 2007

Power Rangers... Overdrive?

Well, I did have media today and nothing blog-worthy came of it. We were basically doing... you know... media stuff.

Then I met up with Gavin & Ashley to go to town (it's become a weekly routine for Fridays for us) and quite a lot of stuff happened actually. In a short space of time I saw a bunch of people that used to go to Wintringham. I think I saw more people that use to go to Winnie today than I have done for the past week.

Firstly, I saw Leeman. At the vending machine. I was on a tight schedule so I just got a pack of crisps and left, I only managed to fit a word in with him and a little pat on the back (... I think anyway). I'm not even sure he knew I was there, since I was literally "in then out" at a pace that can only be rivaled by the gods.

Then on the way to Grimsby College I saw Lewis. Not really that surprisingly really, but it's been a while that I've seen him so it was good and all. It was also funny to see him sh*t himself when a dog barked behind him. We talked for about 5 minutes then parted ways; he had maths next (and I dished out soooo much mockery it was unbelievable).

So I was set on my way again. And literally 2 minutes later I saw Carla (who use to go to Wintringham but was a year above me); she use to be (or still is?) a good friend of my sister. We exchanged a few greetings but mainly remained on-course to what we were going to do.

Then at the end of the street (about 2/3 minutes after seeing Carla) I see three ex-Wintringham goers. Gavin & Ashley (obviously) the unexpected one was:


We exchanged some quick words and joked about and stuff. But he had to run, since he had lesson. So then it was me, Gavin & Ashley. Headed for town.

We seriously had no idea what we had to do in town, but... meh... that's how we roll. Deal.

If I remember correctly (which is most of the time... I think) we stopped of at JJB first. Yea, that is the first place we went to. Now you may be thinking: 'WTF? JJB? Are they mad?!' or something along those lines - for no apparent reason it seems. But Gavin & Ashley had to drop off their application forms. LMAO. That would be a sight to see, them two both at the same workplace. I could see it now...

Ashley: Hey Gav. There's a customer. You serve him.

Gavin: Nah... you can do it. I'm busy... er... stacking and unstacking these... er... imaginary shelves. (Me: WTF?)

Ashley: That's the most blatant lie ever.

Gavin: Was not.

Ashley: Was to.

Gavin: WAS NOT!

Ashley: WAS TO!

*I enter shop*

Me: LMFAO! This is hilarious. *pulls out camera* This is YT material.

Or something along those lines. But now that I think about it I've thought of something simply more devilish. Since both of them are actually applying for the same job (Gavin actually changed his on the spot, outside JJB) then won't they be fighting over the same job. Now, I'm assuming that there's one position; which means these are the possibilities:

  1. Ashley gets the job.
  2. Gavin gets the job.
  3. Neither of them gets the job.
  4. Through a bizarre turn of events, an employee who already works there comes down with a "mysterious" condition... they both get the job.
  5. Since they were the only applicants, they both get the job. Why? Because the managed thinks they are both slackers and that he'll need both of them to do the work properly.
  6. JJB gets destroyed by a giant wrecking ball. Obviously, neither of them get a job.

I'm just throwing some ideas out there of course. Which means that the chance of some of these case scenarios happening tend to be close to minimal. But you get the idea.

OH WAIT! I've just thought of it. A way to find out who gets the job between them. And I got to say, running it through my head it sounds ingenious, a true work of awesome brain-power... but that never translate well to paper... we'll see. Here's the idea:

If it's between them two they have a fight... not just any fight. A gladiator fight. Yes, you heard me. A gladiator fight. You know with the spears, and the swords and the lions. And with the manager (or person of high-ranking position) sitting up high and choosing whether the loser gets to live or die...

Obviously, when I mean live or die I meant... gets the job or not. And when I said lions I meant rabbid bit-bull terrier that have been starved for 3 days so they are vying for meat and... oh got carried away there. So yea... basically lions - of the contemporary world.

Enough about JJB though as we felt quite hungry after this trip through the sports shop. We went to the place we went to last time. The chicken place. I have no idea what it's actually called but I refer to it as "The Chicken Place" sounds good enough for me. Plus, it perfectly denotes the shop and it's contents. It's a place... that sells various assortments of chicken. And like last time, I bought some chicken bites. 16 for £2 actually. And no, Gavin did not scam the lady this time.

BUT it turned out that we got scammed by this guy. When I say "we got scammed" I mean Gavin... mostly.

I'll set the scene. We are walking down the high-street heading towards the bank or Gamestation I can't remember which. And a dude comes up to us and says want to buy this form thing... we refused at first but he said: 'it was for the children.' And boy, we've got to do it for the children.

So we started digging for money. Gavin came out with the money first. He brought out twenty pence, and the guy wasn't impressed. He wanted more... which is strange since he's doing it for charity and this was quite an up-front and aggressive way of doing it. And Gavin happened to pull £2 out of his pocket. He grabs it swiftly (no seriously, I swear he was a ninja or something...) and moves on to Ashley and me. Gavin is obviously left shocked, I would be if someone just stole £2 of me.

Ashley digs out some money... 50p I think it was. And I go for the "oh damn... I seem to have no loose change in my pocket... hahahaha..." well, this guy was clever. He didn't fall for it. And just stood there with a "don't give me that sh*t" look. He's obviously been round the block a few times. So, I give up seeing as I had no chance of winning and handed over the first thing that came out of my pocket. £1. Well... at least it was for the children.

The dude handed Gavin the form (since he paid the most) and we were on our way. Well, actually he was on his way. He seemed awfully quick to get away from us. It was funny - to an extent - only because Gavin lost more money than me. But he seemed to take it in his stride and got over it pretty quickly.

Part of the reason may have been because of a certain game that was in Gamestation. We actually checked out the demo on the 360. It was flying and stuff, so I think it was Ace Combat. But I was unsure. It was quite fun even if we had no idea what the controls were. I knew the generic ones like the left analog controls direction, right controls speed. Right trigger shoots etc. But we only figured out 5 minutes in that you can activate the landing gear. So then we spent some time trying to land the planes. That may sound easy, but in reality (in-game reality) it's not. We didn't even pull off one successful landing. I almost did, but had to pull up since I ran out of runway. So respect to all those pilots out there that can land planes (without computer help).

Some other stuff happened. Yada yada. We went to the park and for no apparent reason we started talking about Pokemon. And it turns out Gavin & Ashley knew a lot about Pokemon (enough to make them squeamish fanboys, in fact) and I mostly sat there; gawking at the wealth of information they can perceive from Pokemon.

Ashley: I remember in Pokemon Silver (I think he said that) where there was a cheat where you get 5 unknowns and an egg. You have to get E,N,T,E,I unknowns and arrange them in that order and place an egg at the end and you get an entei from the egg. It sounds harder than it is because walking round with 5 unknowns is like suicide.

Then Gavin would reply and come out with another quirky Pokemon fact and I would laugh and say stuff like: 'dudes, you two know way too much about this topic.'

And on the way back (or was it the way there... meh) we started talking about Power Rangers. And Gavin managed to catch the latest episode of the latest series the previous night (I have no idea how) and said that it was crap. Now, we would be the perfect judge since we were from the generation that grew up with Power Rangers. The real power rangers, not some knock-off colour-coded people in latex suits.

I mean, come on! Their uber-combination robot is called: 'DriveMax Megazord.' Seriously, I'm not joking. Here's a picture:

Yea, that's a toy figurine but you get the picture. Besides it was the only reasonable pictures I could find. The one on Wikipedia was blurry. Yea, people don't seem to give a damn about this Power Rangers series. It's so crap that Wikipedia pictures are blurry, we're talking about Wikipedia here. They never have crappy pictures (see yesterday's post).

But wait. It gets better yet! When they combine some more robots into the mix they get the 'Super DriveMax Megazord.' Yea, real original.

The above is a picture of it. Looks meh. To be honest, I think the background looks more flashy and eccentric than the robot. And then read this:

"This combination can use the Cement Driver to freeze an opponent, and can headbutt enemies using its helmet. Its finishing attack involves a double strike with the Drill and Shovel Drivers while thrusting itself forward using the Cement and Crane Drivers to roll along the ground."

That's taken from the Wikipedia article concerning the "Super DriveMax Megazord." Now, I'm confused about something - actually many things. But let's do one at a time. A cemet driver... that freezes people. WTF? It would make more sense for the cemet mixer to shoot cemet rendering the foe immovable. But freeze? Serious problems writing staff.

Then... headbutt...? What? A giant robot headbutting another giant monster thing. That's not write. Everyone knows the weakest point any robot is the cockpit/head of a uber-robot. And the "Super DriveMax MegaZord" is no exception. Stupid.

The finishing attack sounds ok. My only gripe with it is the "roll along the ground." bit. Coming now! IT'S A GIANT F*CKING ROBOT! How the f*ck does it roll on the ground? As if thrusting itself forward wasn't bad enough (I haven't seen it in action, my the image in my brain doesn't look good since it looks more phallic than anything). They make a giant robot roll on the ground. Oh boy, are kids gonna be angry when they find that the toy they got for Christmas doesn't roll along the ground and when done forcefully (the only way sometimes) it subsequently breaks the toy. Stupid.

To further illustrate my point, here's the opening theme of the Overdrive series:

Do I have to say anything? It's like they take the kids that watch the show are stupid (which I wouldn't doubt fully) and don't know the title of the show they're watching. And everytime it starts it needs to be drummed into them so they will want toys from this show for Christmas. Blatant advertising. And then the singing. Is that even singing? I'm pretty sure that's just talking rhythmically. Come on now. I could probably sing better than that. And the lyrics... urgh... hell, I think I'll stop there. I feel close to vomiting (metaphorically).

I think that's enough for this post. Before I pass out from tiredness; I'd like to say good night. Since it's almost 2AM right now.

Oh and maybe Gavin would like to write up his overview of the newest Power Rangers series. Or maybe give us a bunch of useless facts on Pokemon in a collaboration writing with Ashley. lol

Or maybe even stating his feelings after being scammed. LMAO! Priceless...

On that note. I bid you goodnight.

EDIT: Ah damn. I totally forgot since I got carried away with Power Rangers. But I also saw Matty and Daisy today. It's been a long time since I've seen Daisy and I didn't recognise her for a second there. It was also the first time I've seen Matty in a while (bout a week or so). And since he had lesson he had to go to Franklin. So after a quick word, Matty ditched Daisy to come walk with me. Good choice. Daisy had tutor anyway.

We were walking along an happened to bump into Kris. Who, for some odd reason, didn't like being stroked. *shrugs* Beats me.

During the relatively short journey that I spent with Matty. We talked about a whole plethora of things. Including pokemon (again), power rangers (again) to blogging. He seemed to be boggled by the way I kind post daily. And laughed at the fact that he hadn't post on his blog (that is shared with Daisy, Sami and Laura... I think) since the second day of it's conception.

Well, the reason for the longevity for this blog is because I tend to enjoy writing these blog posts. I don't feel any pressure to having to write them everyday. I just find it a useful way to unwind and recall memories about what happened that day.

In the end that's what blogging comes down to. Something to be enjoyed. It's like a hobby, that doesn't include a ton of sweat. An easy way to get my views and daily experiences out into the wider world without being glared at like an idiot (trust me it's happened before... lemme just say that shout out your daily experiences in the middle of Morrisons).

So, enjoy blogging. That's a top tip.
And that was alliteration. Nevermind the numerous copyright laws I broke, by saying just that one line.

For realz this time. I bid you farewell... until next time.

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