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Saturday, 20 October 2007


Yep, the title is the reason why I haven't posted in awhile.
Plus I was busy on night, that night being named 'The night of 110 PWNs!' and what a fun night it was.

Anyways on with the story.

We waited around five minutes with an awkward silence in the air. Finally, the same door we came through swung open.

Stood their was 2 figures, the darkness covered their faces as they walked forward.

'Hey guys' One of they said in a familiar voice, it was Lewis. He had change quite considerably, he had a AK-47 at his side with 2 swords strapped on his back. He was more confident aswell judging by the way he walked.

Our look-a-likes glanced over and gave an even more familiar welcoming. We hadn't changed much.

'Mission complete here' WJUK's look-a-like said, 'We have the past us'

'Good', Lewis said, 'We need all the help we can get'

'Yeah, now we can breif them and introduce the new guy'

The other guy which came in with Lewis stepped forward showing himself. He was considerable taller then all of us, wearing a combat uniform like the army but weilding a huge hammer made of stone and a double barrel shotgun, this guy meant business just by the way he looked

'I'm Ivor' He said in a deep voice.

We glanced over and gave a quick wave but Gimely wasn't impressed 'What happened to me?'

'Nothing' Gimely said back jumping in from above and onto the table in front of us 'Now, shut up and lets start informing you of the current situation.'

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