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Wednesday, 10 October 2007

Big news!

Ok lately there have been a string of important news that have reached my ears (and eyes).  These include some news from the virtual world of the internet, but I have many real life stuff happening as well.  And I'm risking the wrath of my media and maths teachers to bring you this news.  How good of me.

For starters, I don't how I missed this out yesterday but apparently I did.  We got a new car.

Granted it's not the best looker in the field or has the biggest engine.  But that doesn't matter because this car isn't meant to denote any of that.  It's a second car, and it's for convenience.  Like short trips and stuff.  It's actually a VW Polo.  I think anyway.

VW Polo.  Ours is more of a dark blue colour.

And that's just for starters.

Next is, arguably, the biggest news to hit this shore since they found that Santa actually lived in the South Pole not the North Pole.

And the news is:  I'm getting a cousin.

Sorry, that's wrong.  I have a new younger cousin.

I only just found out that this was happened on Monday.  Yes, you heard that right.  Monday.  That's a whole few days ago.  I've been unable to get any pictures since my uncle is not internetically active due to... well... the baby.

I also heard that they just got out of hospital today.  And already my parents are chalking up plans to visit as soon as possible.  Which is ok with me I guess, since my uncle has a XBox 360... oh wait.  I meant I would sincerely like to meet my new younger (male) cousin.

It seems the family just keeps on getting bigger and bigger.  First my older uncle gets three children.  Now my younger uncle is joining the 'I have kids club.'  All for the better I suppose.

Carrying on with real-life news.  And I move onto my own social announcements.  You may, or may not, know that tomorrow is our GCSE certificate-giving ceremony or something.  And obviously, I'm going!  How could the highest achiever of that year -lemme rephrase that-  of the whole goddam history of the school not go?  See what I'm getting at.

Almost everyone will be there.  Even Will.  Who, from a close source, said that (roughly along these lines):  'I was originally not going but then the meeting between the lads and Daisy is unmissable.'  I agree whole-heartedly with that statement.  It may bring high tensions to the room (or stage?) but it's going to be a hell of a show for on-lookers.  And I mean a hell of a show.

And news about that Caistor video.  Well, Kate didn't turn up.  Yes, I got stood-up :(.  Lol.

Nah, she's probably got a damn good reason (she better have or she will feel my wrath!  ROAR!).  So, no video just yet.  I suppose she could give it to me tomorrow night.  But it'll be troublesome to carry it around the place.

Now onto news from the internet.  And this is quite huge:

Sonic is in Brawl.

I hate to say this but I told you so.  Actually, I love to say that but meh.  I figured this was going to happen ever since Mario & Sonic at the Olympic games was announced.

Sonic is dashing his way into the brawl.

There's also a video of Sonic and also another video from the Nintendo Conference that happened.  You can find the Sonic movie here:  SONIC!

And the Nintendo Conference trailer here:  NINTENDO!

Also out of the Nintendo Conference came a bunch of stuff that I'm not going to bother to list here.  Since you can probably find it on pretty much every gaming website out there.

Moving on.

The Wii got an update.  I'm not sure what the firmware update was for (maybe for the IC and EVC updates to work properly).  The Internet channel and the Everybody's Vote Channel also got updated.  Everyone seems bamboozled by what was actually changed for the EVC.  But the Internet Channel's update was evident immediately.  Nintendo have (finally) added USB-keyboard support for the channel which is a godsend.  And there are a flurry of new features on it.  Which I also will not state here.

Due to the USB-keyboard feature, I may attempt to pick up a keyboard in the near future - most probably Friday.  Which will be pretty awesome to surf the Wii on.

Well that about concludes today's post.


I have received information today about a special event that might be happening.  I'm not sure if I should disclose this information or not...

Ah, what the hell.  It's me!  So I'll disclose it regardless - hell, I've already got two copyright infringements under my belt already.

I won't reveal the person* but apparently there's going to be a New Years Party on... well... new year.  All this information is new, and I swear that she's telling me just to put it on here as a form of Viral Marketing.  But anyway, it's about damn time that a new party comes along.  I was actually counting on a Halloween party but things are just not meant to be.  More information was the I get more information.

*I'm not revealing the identity of the person** because of the spate of trouble I got into last time with the Daisy & Leeman fiasco (which wasn't a lot of trouble anyway).  But nevermind now.  And besides she probably wants to announce it officially herself.

**She's Daisy btw.  But ssshhhh...  I didn't tell you, alright?

The font above is in Wingdings.  *hint hint*

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