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Sunday, 14 October 2007

SSBB... in real life?

Ok, sorry for not posting yesterday.  Seriously though, don't expect me to post every day; 365 days straight.  That's impossible.

Besides, not much happens to me on Saturdays.  For one simple reason:  That's my rest day.  Unless I have something important to do, I pretty much sleep for the whole day.  Which is a rarity for me nowadays.

Another reason (if you want one) is that I felt like sh*t yesterday.  Metaphorically.  So I did, as a matter of fact, sleep for the whole day.  And at the end of the night, I ended up watching Ratatouille (I had to check that was right or not).  And I was unusually content about the whole thing.  And to an extent, I enjoyed it.  I tend to enjoy Disney & Pixar animated films.  They just have that special Disney magic.





Anyway, lets move onto the meat of this post.

SSBB... in real life?

Yea, anyone who has been following this blog will know that I'm really hyped up on SSBB (despite it's lack of a European release date).  And in waiting for it's arrival, I came across this little video.  As you are about to see, it's f*cking insane:

This video walks the tightrope between f*cking hysterical and down-right creepy.  You have been warned.

Check out 3:50.  Naked people...

If you didn't think that was insane or weird... there's something really wrong with you.  But nevertheless, I enjoyed it.  I enjoyed it up to the point that I asked them:  'WTF were you lot smoking that day?  ...  I'll have some please.'  Er... I've yet to get a reply yet.

I also ROFLed at the fact that Sonic just continuously spewed profanities at Tails - which, let's face it, pretty much happens anyway.  The tetris block's voice was annoying, but it added to the effect of the video.

Undeterred by this horrible, stupid, yet surprisingly funny video.  I'm still eagerly awaiting information about a European release.



Thought that was necessary.


Well, that's your daily does of crazy.

I don't get how I keep falling into her trap.  But she always manages to get onto here.  *shrugs*  ...whatever.

No prizes for guessing correctly who I'm on about.  Although there is a prize for getting it wrong.  See?  We're different.  We mix things up a bit.

What's the prize?

*shrugs* ... meh.






- John


I am shocked


- John

when I read that blog

I thoughtyou meant


I would only goto third base

then I realised you meant

I'm a slag


- John
hm... not so sure on wot to reply with...

what do you mean?

- John
*shrugs* im not sure

fair enough

- John
i guess


As you can see I was in an apathetic mood then, so I really didn't care.  But now that I think about it.  That was f*cking slow.

Lemme scroll through the archives again...

Anyway, as you can see the details are rather unpleasant.  And I swear she was lying when she said:  'THANKGOD I WOKE UP' because:

1) She didn't want to wake up.


2) She didn't wake up.

Hm... conspiracy...  So if number 2 is correct, by the natural laws of progression (and nature) they probably went all the way...  *shudders at the thought*  That's just wrong dude.  Well, if not all the way... at least 3rd base.  What?  It's Daisy we're talking bout here.

She's going to kill me.

That was the extract Daisy was talking about.  And that was posted on Thursday 11th October at 22:01.

That was three days ago.

And she first initiated the above conversation at, and I quote from my message history:


If I have my maths correct, which it should be, then...

*faint whispers*  3600 seconds in an hour...  86400 seconds in a day...  7140...  172800...  50580... add them...


It took her 230520 seconds (that's 3842 minutes or 64.03333 hours) for her to tell me.  Now, that's a pretty frickin' long time.

As you can see, I have quite a lot of time on my hands... actually I don't.  Since I have a Computing test tomorrow, and I also have two maths mock exams to do.  Nevermind the other stuff.

I just thought that you would be amused by this fact.  It certainly did me.


Anyway, that's about it.

Oh, and I had no idea until about 2 seconds ago that Kate (and Laura) had posted on the 13th.  You can find the post here:  Good Evening to All!

I have no idea why.  But her post on the 13th, happens to be behind my post on the 11th.  Weird.  I will attempt to rectify that problem now.

...  Ok... in an attempt to rectify the problem, I actually think I have made it worse.  Opps.  Nevermind, they'll never know.  It's somehow managed to lodge itself behind the post I did yesterday.  This is getting more weird by the minute.  I think it's a job for Scooby Doo!

Oh crap, he's busy.  Damn.  Oh well.

And remember people, if you ask nicely you can still be a correspondent (as Kate put it) of this blog; and there's not even an obligation to post frequently (see Kate).  Hooray!


And if you have sharp eyes:  You'll have noticed a new clock.  Hooray!


Night all.


EDIT:  By the way.  I've completed Blazing Angels on the Wii (the campaign mode anyway).  So take that.  It took me about 3 days.  Which is more or less the time it takes Daisy to take notice of information on this blog and relay the information (in the form of UPPERCASE SHOUTING) back to me.  Which I think is quite good.

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