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Tuesday, 9 October 2007

the explaination?

Gimely handed over some cookies to WJUK while Lewis and I grabbed a chair each and sat like it was story time at school.

WJUK grabbed a cookie and took a bite.

'You see that attack move I did was passed down my family line.' He whispered to us while glancing around to see if no one was listening, 'Only the males of the family can gather enough power to use it.'

'Hmm, interesting' Gimely said, 'but it still doesn't explain what it does'

'Hold on, I was getting to that but you interrupt me!' WJUK yelled raising his voice only a little bit trying to conserve his energy 'I called upon the God of Death, I would tell you his name but everyone who speaks his name is said to die within the next 24 hours'

Lewis was in so much shock at the fact of dying after speaking his name he fell off his chair, Gimely and I was getting use to this kinda of stuff that we just nodded.

'Anyways I need my sleep' WJUK moaned he said as he slipped under the bed covers.

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