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Wednesday, 3 October 2007

Lewis's Past

Both Lewis's were in shock, both for different reasons.

Evil Lewis because he had came face to face with his former self.

Good Lewis because he would turn evil.

'How...How...Did I become this evil' Lewis said, dropping to his hands and knees, 'I...I...can't believe it'

'Hahaha, Look at me, I was weak, a fool, I didn't deserve to live' Evil Lewis yelled, the potion had now worn off and he started to walk towards the other Lewis, who was still on his hands and knees ashamed of himself.

Evil Lewis slowly drew one of his legs back and kicked Lewis in his gut lifting him off the floor and moving him several feet.

WJUK and I tried to move and block the kick but before we could draw our swords, 20 Strogl had surrounded us and held us down

Evil Lewis turned around and said 'These are my most powerful Strogl, they have an incredible amount of strength, even you won't be able to break it.'

Evil Lewis turned to face Lewis, who was stood up weilding a sword.

Who will win. Next time on The great clash of Lewis's =P

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