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Saturday, 6 October 2007

Holy F*cking Moly... with a cheese on top.

Yea, nothing blog-worthy from my day today.  Except maybe Daisy not believing that I didn't recognise her at first yesterday.  But all of that was quite trivial compared to what I'm about to post next:

And no, it doesn't include Power Rangers.

Anyone know about this game?

Yea, it's Guitar Hero 3 (box art shown for Wii version).  And it's out in October 28th in NA (damn those Americans).  But news just in...


On his fourth try.

No seriously, I'm not joking here.  Anyone who has played a GH game before knows that some of the harder songs in the game are really hard especially on the tougher difficulties.  And the person I'm speaking of didn't BETA test the game and wasn't part of the dev team.  He's the first outsider to ever beat the hardest song in the game.  I think there was another dude who also beat the song, after 20 tries - which is also awesome - but he was invited to BETA test it.

Well anyway, this dude plays on expert mode and it's truly amazing for his fourth try.

CAUTION:  May cause head to aplode in multiple ways.

Now, just because of some of the skeptics out there.  I'm also going to post the video of Activision confirming the GHIII victory.


According to the article up on the GameRevolution website:

In the words of the developers, for GH3 they "designed this to be unbeatable, dammit!".

Woah.  The developers will be eating those words.  And it's his fourth try.  Damn.  I always knew Asians were better at button mashing - that includes me (hell yea!).

Anyway, I guess that's enough about GHIII and I'm pretty much wrapping up the post here.  Story follows.

Quick word on the video Gavin posted in his post today.  You know you have an awesome series when an dressed-up (cos-playing?) asian lady says: 'Ah!  After 10,000 years I'm finally FREE!  It's time to conquer earth!'  See?  Basically sums up the whole story in one go.  And then Zordon appears and he says:  'Recruit a team of teenagers with attitude.'  No, seriously he says that.

And Zordon himself has already achieved legendary status anyway.  And all that was in the first 20 seconds of the opening.  Nuff said.

Story below:


I was breathing heavily on the floor.  That last attack took a helluva lot out of me.  It seems I'm not quite ready to use that properly yet...

'You ok?'  Gavin asks extending a hand out.

I grab his hand and haul myself up.  'Yea, I'll be fine.'  I said as I dusted some dirt of my clothes.  My breathing was already starting to return to normal.

Gavin walked over to Lewis & Gimely who were still shocked by the incident that just occurred.  I attempted to walk over to them, but my knees were weak.  I used all my will-power to try and take a step.  The room started spinning, my vision started to blur...

I blacked out.

I was woken by a voice.  A woman's voice... like an angel's song glistening in my ear.


'WAKE THE F*CK UP!'  I jumped up startled.  My hand instinctively going towards my swords -which weren't there.

I slowly realised where I was.  I was on a bed in a cosy room.  I've been here before...

It was the woman's room.  The person who saved us from death when we first came to this place.

'We thought you was never going to wake up.'  It was Gavin.  He sat on a chair, leant-back with two chair legs on the ground, his feet on the table.

'Well, surprise.'  I replied apathetically.

Another person entered the room.  It was the woman.

'You alright?'  She asked, while putting down a tray of milk and cookies.  Gimely leapt off the bed and headed straight for them.

I nodded.  'At least there's a person with compassion here.'  My lifted my right hand to my temple.  'Ah sh*t.  My head feels like it's exploding.  I knew I shouldn't have used that move.'

'Well, you had no other choice.'  Gavin replied cooly, without looking towards my direction.  He was staring out the window.  At the stars - I thought.  He suddenly snapped out of his staring contest with the sky and turned towards me.  'Oh yea.  WTF was that?'

Gimely also stopped his gorging of the milk and cookies to turn around and listen.  Their faces filled with anticipation, as if I was about to reveal the answer to the meaning of life.

'Well... give me some cookies and I'll tell you...'


I guess an explanation is coming up.  What exactly was that attack that I used?

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