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Thursday, 4 October 2007


Yea, so I failed to think of a title again... it's not my fault.  It's my memory's fault.  I remember that I had already thought of a title today and some content for this post, but I totally forgot that.

I absolutely hate when that happens.  It's like you remembered you had to do something, but can't remember what that something was.  It's a real pain in the ass since you keep drilling your brain to find out what that thing was and you won't get it.  When everything's said and done (In my example, the post has been posted) and you go on your way.  And you forget about it.  Then your brain decides: 'Hey.  Since your always so cruel to me by repeatedly banging your head on walls all the time.  I'm going to torture.  Hehe, now you remember.'  And you sit up (and this happens in bed a lot for me, just before I sleep) and you say or think:  "Damn.  Too late now."

Ah well...  I guess it's one of the downs of life.

Oh wait, I do remember something actually (for a change)... it's coming back to me.  Maths.  That's it.

It's starting to reestablish itself as a relatively fun and laid-back lesson.

Yea you should have seen us today.  Increased work rate and productivity while chatting at the same time!  Amazing aren't we?  And some of the things we talked about, the whole class talked about, was rather strange.

The lesson was about derivatives of linear, quadratic, cubic, reciprocal, exponential etc. graphs.  If you don't know what that means it's basically similar to gradient in the terms we were using it.  And for finding the 'nature of the stationary points (the vertex of the curves... the peaks)' we had to find the derivative of the derivative... gradient of the gradient essentially.  And Matthew (I think his name was... I've never been good with names) decided to make a joke about it... I can't recall exactly what it was but it was something about the gradient of the gradient of the gradient something.  Basically it was funny.

And then later on we somehow got talking about dimensions.  Apparently 1D is a dot, and 4D is time...  I'm unsure about that fact but sounds bout right.

A quick search on Wikipedia yields this response (link: 4D):

There are three conventional spatial dimensions: length (or depth), width, and height, often expressed as x, y and z. x and y axes appear on a plane Cartesian graph and z is found in functions such as a "z-buffer" in computer graphics, for processing "depth" in imagery. The fourth dimension is often identified with time, and as such is used to explain space-time in Einstein's theories of special relativity and general relativity. When a reference is used to four-dimensional co-ordinates, it is likely that what is referred to is the three spatial dimensions plus a time-line. If four (or more) spatial dimensions are referred to, this should be stated at the outset, to avoid confusion with the more common notion that time is the Einsteinian fourth dimension.

If time is the "fourth dimension", an additional spatial dimension would be referred to as the fifth dimension. The implications of another spatial dimension are now discussed. This would be orthogonal to the other three spatial dimensions. The cardinal directions in the three known dimensions may be referred to as up/down (altitude), north/south (latitude), and east/west (longitude). When speaking of the fourth spatial dimension, an additional pair of terms is needed. Attested terms include ana/kata (sometimes called spissitude or spassitude), vinn/vout (used by Rudy Rucker), and upsilon/delta.

And that's only the opening paragraph... I'm sure there are much more complicated words later on.  But like any reasonable person, I stopped reading... at end the first sentence.  Which is quite an accomplishment in itself, since the line is actually quite long.

But the main reasoning I stopped reading was because of the picture on the page.

Trippy, right?

But you got to say it's bloody awesome.

Yes it is...

Damn straight.





And because you like this so much here's some more awesome pictures on the page.

It's like... a ball.

Oh this is interesting...

I always thought that 1D was a dot.  And 2D was a line...  Weird.


Ya-ha!  Looky here!  More moving images.  And this one is even cooler then the one before:

I reckon that's f*cking amazing.  There was something in the article about it rotating continuously on two <insert funny scientific name here> axis.

But more importantly, I'd like to see that in real life.  With my real eyes.

10 quid to the first person who shows me one of those (moving like that) in real life.  Seriously, I'm not joking.  Heck, I probably buy it off you for the sake of it.




Enough of that though.

What made that maths lesson more awesome than it was (despite all the talk of dimensions and finding the gradient of the gradient of tea etc.) was that we actually got free biscuits.  That's only the second time in college that I got free biscuits.  Nice.  I like biscuits very much.

Story is not here.

Sorry that the post is really about some nonsensical things.  But something interesting does not happen to me everyday otherwise I'd be living in a soap!

*laughs incoherently*  Nevermind.  I don't like soaps anyway.

Boy does waking up early take it's toll on me.  I sweat my eyes are slowing retracting into my skull due to the lack of sleep.  I don't want to imagine that...

Until next time.  Cya.


carlmar said...

that was really cool..thanks

WJUK said...

No problem.

All that I ask for is that you keep on enjoying this blog.


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